Will Walmart Ever Stop Selling Guns?

Walmart, America’s largest retailer, has recently agreed to remove Confederate flags from their shelves after Dylann Roof murdered 9 African-Americans in Charleston, South Carolina. Still some safety advocates are pushing for removal of guns from the retail chain, in light of America’s latest mass shootings. Some people believe that consumers have the right to purchase guns from Walmart, while others think the selling of guns down the aisle from video games is inappropriate and dangerous.

Although many retailers support the removal of the Confederate flag, none of them believe that Walmart will stop selling guns any time soon. According to Walmart CEO, Douglas McMillon, the sporting goods department is an integral part of the company’s profit. The company sells guns to support hunting and sports enthusiasts. It does not sell handguns or high-capacity magazines. Plus customers are carded at the registers and are not allowed to buy guns online.

The company claims to have taken all possible precautions to keep consumers safe. Stores strictly adhere to the firearms sales rules that govern each state. In addition to adhering to state laws, Walmart also has extra safety measures like videotaping gun sales, and requiring extra training for associates selling guns.

Walmart executives believe that discontinuing the sale of the Confederate flag does not mean there should be a discontinuing of gun sales. Plus public support is firmly on the side of flag removal, but there is no public pressure to discontinue gun sales.

While there has always been a small group of anti-gun lobbyists who push for the end of gun distribution at retail chains, a large number of consumers support the selling of guns in Walmart. Nationally, Americans are closely divided on the importance of controlling gun ownership and protecting the right to bear arms. Still there are others who think the retailer should be allowed to sell guns, but should be required to perform background checks.

Small firearms dealers should watch for developments with Walmart. It is unclear if the company will give in to the public pressure to stop selling firearms in store. The High Risk Guys is the number one online firearm merchant account provider. The HRG team will give your customers the ability to pay for their firearms with a variety of methods like cash, credit, and checks.