Why The MRE’s Are A Must In Your Food Storage!

We are living in times where violence, natural disasters, and war happen to be commonplace and there is no telling when it will be our turn to face such an emergency situation.

If you were to experience a natural disaster in your region and it was bad enough that the entire city water would be turned off, the FEMA would stay out for about 4-5 days, there were riots and looting in the streets, what would your plan to survive?

First and foremost, let’s say this scenario has already happened in New Orleans when it flooded. It was a total chaos! The stores were cleaned out in merely a few days, the police force resigned because of the danger which let the natives fend for themselves and there was no water.

There are several emergency foods that are accessible for food storage but it is highly recommended that you have a few months to a year supply of these MRE’s with you. MRE’s basically stand for ‘Meal Ready To Eat’ and these are what the soldiers get to eat when they are out in the fields. The MRE’s come with several benefits:

  • Airtight, strong packages that can withstand abuse
  • Meals that are ready to eat do not require any fire to cook. This is because making a fire can be extremely dangerous as it can give away your position in times where you need to stay hidden from the rioters.
  • They are easy to carry and light to pack in case you need to stay in the move to get to the safe zone.
  • They have a shelf life for up to 5 years
  • They do not require water to make edible. Most of the dehydrated or powdered foods will require you to use water to cook them. In emergency situations, it perhaps be tough for you to find water that you could keep for both cooking and drinking purposes.
  • You may opt for MRE’s that come with heaters that could easily heat up the food with no fire at all!
  • MRE’s taste good
  • MRE’s are designed to help you consume a good amount of calories to be able to stay active and fresh.

It is recommended that everyone must have at least several days to a week worth of MRE’s in their home. You must have MRE Giant, at least enough supply to hold you by until help comes your way. Moreover, you should buy a good portable water filter to have it in your survival kit. You will only be able to survive for a few days without water so it should be a priority on your list.

Stay Safe!