Why Should You Go Private for Your Circumcision?

For many parents, whether to opt for a circumcision is one of the biggest dilemmas that they will face. Whether you choose to opt for a circumcision for religious or medical reasons, accessing private care for this procedure means unlocking a selection of advantages. Here we explore why you should choose a private circumcision for your child…

Access the latest methods

The process of removing the foreskin has come a long way, and in private care, doctors use the latest innovations so that patients and their parents can harness its advantages and a faster recovery. The Plastibell technique, also known as the ring method, is the procedure championed by private surgeons.

This method requires no stitches and no bandages to ensure the removal of the foreskin is clean and neat, and healing time is as fast as possible. Unlike other methods, the Plastibell technique allows parents to look after their child as normal, and even nappies can be worn after the procedure.

Surgery at home

Whilst the NHS doesn’t offer a home circumcision service, causing inconvenience and unnecessary stress for all the family, private services do! Home circumcision offers a wide range of benefits so that the procedure can be complete quickly and professionally amongst all your creature comforts.

Help around the clock

We understand that lives are very busy for parents, that’s why appointments are available at evenings and weekends so circumcision and aftercare can be completed around your schedule. Advice is also available throughout and following the procedure so you can enlist a qualified and comprehensive service that works for you and your child.

Experts in their fields

As specialists in circumcision, private health professionals such as Dr Malik at London Circumcision (visit his website) ensure you get the very best care when you need it. As well as providing flexible appointments and home circumcision options, private services are experts in their fields.