What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries In 2015

Trying to live a healthier life, a lot of people decided to start practicing sports. Some people like to do it so much, they start practicing sports regularly and try to improve as much as possible, as fast as possible.

Trying to improve as fast as possible turns out to be a mistake if not done properly, as people end up getting juried – something that could be avoided. Most injuries aren’t too serious, but some of them can force people to stop playing sports for the sake of their own health.


The concussion

A concussion is extremely common and it usually happens because of a strong hit on the head. These are minor brain juries, most of the time. Most concussions might not even result in a loss of consciousness, but they might still result in disorientation, headaches, dizziness and other types of symptoms.

They are most common in contact sports such as soccer, football, boxing, and wrestling. For a concussion to heal completely, it took between a month and two, depending on the person and the severity of the concussion itself.


The real danger with this injury is in it being repeated regularly. Multiple concussions can cause severe damage, including permanent brain damage. Moreover, returning to a sport without healing a concussion is as serious as it gets, as a second one might result in death.

Hip flexor strain

The hip flexor is made out of a few muscles that support the movement of your leg and knee when you move it up. These muscles can get injured whenever they are stretched too far or torn.

There are a lot of ways for this to happen, including having weak muscles, not warming up properly, falling down in a bad position or even just having rough muscles. These are most common in sports with sudden movements and upward movement changes, such as martial arts and soccer.

Symptoms include a lot of pain, swelling and some bruising. Most hip flexor strains can be easily healed at home with some ice and some rest, they aren’t too serious. The only motive to see a doctor is if the pain is simply unbearable or if it doesn’t go away after a long period of time, such as, for example, two weeks.

Groin pull

The groin really helps the legs move, spread apart and pull together. These can be injured in sports that required too much stretching or too much side-to-side movement. Sports like martial arts, soccer and baseball can all easily cause groin pulls.

These injuries usually include minor pain and some bruising but aren’t too serious. They take a time of one to two weeks to heal, and can be taken care of at home with some ice, and a lot of rest. If the pain is too much or if the swelling is too big, a doctor should see the injury.

The biggest problem with groin pulls is that if a person starts practicing sports again without letting the groin pull heal properly, a lot more damage can follow. So much so, some people might damage their groin permanently, simply because they didn’t allow it to rest. The best way to prevent this injury is to stretch properly before and after working out.

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