Is Using Physio for Pain Management Possible?

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is one of the best treatments for pain and one of the best solutions to mobility restoration. However, many people wonder whether or not it is possible to use physiotherapy to manage pain. Well, it is most definitely possible for a person to use physical therapy to manage their pain. Physiotherapy can be used for the management of pain in a multitude of different ways. The following are some of the most important and effective ways which a person can use in order to manage their pain via physiotherapy:

Heat packs and ice packs

One of the most effective passive physical therapies that can help a person manage their pain is the use of heat packs and ice packs. Temperature can be an excellent stimulant for the body, which makes this mode of physiotherapy quite effective.

TENs Units

Using TENs Units is another effective passive physical therapy which can be used to manage a person’s pain and relieve them of it. However, it should be noted that TENs Units are electrical devices that deliver electric shocks, although low-voltage, to the parts of the body experiencing pain. This means that before a person uses TENs Units as physio for pain management, they should probably consult their physician.


Doctors have had great success with using ultrasound to manage their patient’s pain and relieve them of quite a substantial amount of it. Ultrasound, another passive physical therapy, is also quite effective at helping a person manage their pain.

Low-impact aerobic conditioning

Since most of the people who want to manage their pain do not have completely mobile bodies, they cannot perform high-impact aerobic conditioning. However, performing low-impact aerobic conditioning is quite an effective way of managing pain and can also be performed by almost anyone regardless of how mobile their body is.

Pain relief exercises

As suggested by their name, pain relief exercises are quite effective when it comes to helping a person manage pain. Pain relief exercises, since they are exercises, are an active physical therapy.


The classics tend to be extremely effective at what they do, which is why strengthening is an extremely effective and efficient active physical therapy which can be used to manage pain.

Strengthening exercises

Last, but certainly not the least, another effective way using which a person can manage their pain via physiotherapy is by performing a plethora of different strengthening exercises.