Tips To Help Deal With Migraine

Just ask anyone who suffers from migraine and they will tell you the pain and suffering that can be experienced by these attacks. Intense throbbing headache, sensitivity to sounds and light, feeling sick; these are just some of the symptoms that can accompany one of these episodes.

Of course some people will get a warning sign that an attack is about to happen. A stiff painful neck or a strange “warm” feeling in the stomach are a couple of the more unusual signs but many people will get disturbances in their vision or find their hearing is much more acute than usual prior to an attack. But what is the best way of dealing with migraine?


Try Different Painkillers

With painkillers it’s best to experiment to see which type work best for you. There are several different combinations marketed by the main drug companies and if they don’t seem to have an effect, then try something like aspirin or one containing codeine to see if that works better for you.

Although it’s not always possible, it can often be effective to rest while an attack is happening. Migraine can make you feel lethargic and sleepy anyway so if you can sleep it could help get rid of it quicker.

Try A Hot Tub

Many people have found using a hot tub to be an effective way of reducing the pain according to Essex based Aqua Warehouse. The warm water in a hot tub can help to dilate the blood vessels which can reduce the throbbing sensation which accompanies a migraine. Hot tubs are also pretty effective at encouraging relaxation which is just what you need at times like this. Of course warm water is also known for its pain reducing effect and could be one of the best forms of treatment for you. It’s certainly worth trying it out.