Tips For Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

So, you have decided it is time to have all of your excess body hair removed? You are ready to go in for your first session, but then you realize, you don't know how to prepare for the big day. What are you going to do in your first session? What do you require in order to be a good client instead of one that is frustrating for the technician? Here is a look at four tips to ensure you don't end up being a horrible client.


No Tanning Creams

You should not be using tanning creams before the appointment. It is best to keep the skin as 'natural' as possible because this is going to give the technician more access to your hair.

The desired expectation as you enter the session is for your skin to be as light as it can be. This is going to ensure the technician is able to get better results in the first session. You will be coming back for more sessions and the expectations are going to be the same each time.

Shave Hair

You are going to be told this before your appointment as longer hair can lead to painful results. If you have longer hair, it is going to hurt when you have the laser hair removal process completed.

It is similar to waxing and therefore having the area shaved is ideal. It should be done at least a day before in order for the area to heal as shaving will not always be as smooth as you would like it to be.

The goal is to get all of the areas that are going to be treated in the session shaved.

No Waxing

You should not be waxing the area before the session. In fact, you should avoid waxing and/or plucking any part of the skin that is going to be treated for at least 2-4 weeks before the appointment.

What is the purpose of this? The hair is going to be harder to target when this is done as the root is going to be pulled out. Laser hair removal is all about targeting the root and getting the laser to hit it, but that is harder, if you have already ripped the root out. It could reduce the efficiency of your session.

Keep Skin Clean

This is imperative once again to ensure the technician is getting a clean surface to work with. You don't want the skin to smell bad as that is going to not lead to a pleasant experience for the technician.

Plus, if the skin is not clean, it is going to become harder for them to target the hair as desired. This is especially the case when you have lathered on cream.

Use these tips to ensure your first session is a major success. It is not as difficult as you may think.