Things That Make Prickly Pear Seed Oil So Precious

The prickly pear seed oil is one of the rarest oils found on earth. The exact origin of the plants from which it is extracted is unknown, but some are found in Morocco. The process of extraction takes a lot of time, anywhere from thirty-six hours to four days, and a ton of fruits only produces a liter of the oil. A lot of effort is also put in to get the prickly pear seed oil. These properties of the oil are what makes it very costly. However, with all the benefits it has to offer to the skin and health, it is being used by the pharmaceutical industries more than ever to produce better cosmetics. Here are a few things that not only make up the prickly pear seed oil (shop) but also give it certain properties.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not easy to get. It is found that prickly pear seed oil has significant amounts of it present. Vitamin E has the ability to enhance the skin by protecting and revitalizing it and making it as smooth and supple as ever. If applied on hair, thedamage will be repaired. Put on fingernails that are fragile or fissured, to see its magical work.

Fatty acids

The prickly pear seed oil grows up in many different regions and the geographical conditions of each have had a different effect on it, giving each one of them distinctive properties. The composition of fatty acids is what makes prickly pear seed oil 'a powerful gift from the dessert'. All of them have palmitic acid, stearic acid, SFA, oleic acid, MUFA, linoleic acid and PUFA, but the amount of each in Moroccan cactus plant differs depending on the region of its growth. The fact that all these fatty acids are unsaturated is what makes it a perfect vegetable oil. The linoleic acid, which is also commonly known as omega 6 is an excellent compound for the soothing and refreshing the skin.

Sterol and tocopherol composition

The unsaponifiable matter in the vegetable oil is basically due to sterol and tocopherol composition present in it. This also makes the oil an antioxidant which enables it to avoid the oxidation of nutrients like vitamin A, B-carotene, and fatty acids. The tocopherol compounds are used in food, cosmetics and by the pharmaceutical industries to create medicines. It is said about prickly pear seed oil that it is the richest source of y-tocopherol and a-tocopherol which is highly recommended for the humans to consume. More animals are also being fed this oil because it has higher biological activity.