Things You Need to Know Before Getting Extensions

Hair extensions are considered the red carpet’s best open secrets. These products allow celebrities to go from short locks and hairstyles to long, flowing, and glamorous locks. If you have been thinking of getting pieces not only to add fullness and length to your crowning glory, but also to experiment with a wide range of styles without committing to them for long periods of time, make sure that you know the following things first.

* Consider the lifestyle you live. Experts state that extensions can be classified into three types. Clip-ins are classified as entry-level products or products that beginners can use. What makes them great for those starting out with extensions is the fact that they are easy to attach and remove. Tape extensions are a more advanced option. They are secured to hair and scalp with strong and invisible adhesive that isn’t detectable to the touch. These options last for eight weeks. An even more advanced product is micro bead extensions, which can be set up by sectioning strands so the bead can be placed among them. The extensions strands are then placed and clamped together. The result should be a head of hair that’s voluminous and long.

With the different features each type of extension has, it’s not surprising that each has its disadvantages. For example, if you often do hot yoga, tape extension pieces might fall off your head. If you’re into changing hair colours often, tape extensions will definitely be a great option for you.

As such, make sure to have a stylist assess your lifestyle before getting extension pieces.

* Get pieces that match your natural hair colour or the colour your dyed your locks in. Pieces that are off by even a shade will stand out, so take advantage of colour matching services before purchasing pieces. Colour matching services can be done online or in a salon, and will involve determining the actual shade of the ends of natural strands.

* Do not hesitate to spend on quality pieces. While affordable, synthetic extensions easily tangle, look shiny, and feel like plastic. It won’t take long before someone will be able to tell that you are wearing extensions. Get real human hair extension online instead. With proper care, they will not tangle. Also, the fact that they are made from real human hair means they will look and feel no different from the hair on your head. They can also be styled and washed without problems.

* Proper maintenance is necessary. Extension pieces, like the strands connected to your scalp, need regular maintenance. There are different ways to maintain different types of extensions. That said, it’s safe to say that there is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to hair extension maintenance. You will need to ask a stylist the best ways to keep pieces on your head (or will be installed on your head) intact.

In the case of clip-ins, you will need to comb out all tangles before washing them with shampoo and conditioner that are paraben- and sulphate-free. Washing should be done every eight times they are worn, and should involve washing them in the sink, drying them on your towel, and then air-drying them.

Washing tape extensions should involve the use of gentle shampoo. The focus of the washing should be on the roots. The middle and ends should be conditioned.

Style extensions with heat-producing tools when they are mostly dry. Avoid applying heat directly to adhesives. Never hit the bed with your hair wet. Dry your locks first.

* Have the pieces removed by a professional when it’s time to let them go. Pieces meant to last six weeks should be removed by a stylist when that time period comes. If, by that time, you think you will still need extension pieces to achieve the desired appearance, you will need to get new ones.