The Nutritional Mistakes You Make While Grocery Shopping

Is grocery shopping a chore? Do you often come back with more groceries than you need—and with items that are wrecking your diet? If you want to shop for groceries the right way, then keep reading. The following tips are going to help you make wiser decisions and avoid any nutritional pitfalls.

  1. Don’t forget to eat

Never ever go to the grocery store when you are tired and hungry. By doing your grocery shopping when you’re tired, you are susceptible to both rushing through and impulsing buying. When you go when you’re hungry, everything you see is going to look delicious, especially the freshly baked goodies. Go grocery shopping when you have the time, energy, and a full stomach. You will not only be able to make smarter selections, you can avoid the temptations.

  1. Don’t go unprepared

If you are trying to lose weight and eat healthier, then you need to go to the grocery store armed with meal plans and a list. You want to only get the items that are going to be used in your healthy recipes or lunch bags. Choose the ingredients on your list and a few alternatives that can help you make more diverse meals that fit into whatever diet you are following. If you need special items, such as gluten-free, you might want to do some extra research about what is available so you don’t have to go searching all over the place and get frustrated.

  1. Never start in the middle aisles

Did you know that supermarkets are laid out in such a way to impact you psychologically? Ever notice how the outer rim of the store is packed with the essentials, like diary, produce, and whole grains while the inner aisles are filled with junk food? If you don’t want to fall victim to temptation, then avoid the middle aisles and just stick to the perimeter of the store.

  1. Read the ingredients

When you’re pressed for time, you might take a quick glimpse at the nutritional section, nod to the calories and fat content, and throw the item in your cart without considering what it’s made out of. The problem with only checking calories is that there can be allergens and dangerous preservatives or fillers in the ingredients that you are trying to avoid. Always read the ingredients so you aren’t in for a surprise later.

  1. Stop skipping the frozen section

Hidden amongst the frozen pizzas and TV dinners are nutritional gems, like frozen fruit, vegetables, and soups. You might even be able to find single serving ice cream, frozen whole grain breads, tortillas, pancakes, and more. In short, start heading to the frozen section first to fill your cart with nutritionally dense offerings.

Although this is just touching the surface of ways to strategize for grocery shopping so you do make nutritional mistakes, these tips can get you started. Remember that you need to go with a plan in mind. Know what you are getting and always opt for the most nutritionally dense options available to you. Now, grocery shopping will actually be fun!