A Taste of the Virgin Island Foods and Drinks

The Virgin Islands is a popular tourist destination with its picturesque views, stunning beaches and villas, rich biodiversity and breathtaking mountain views.

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Dubbed as the Caribbean paradise, the Virgin Islands is a perfect getaway for you and your family. Aside from the thrilling water adventures and beach excursions, the Virgin Islands also boasts of its well-loved Caribbean cuisines. Foods and Drinks are significant part of the rich Virgin Islands culture and tradition.

Check out the islands favorite cuisines and satisfy your taste buds with the Caribbean dishes you should not miss:

  1. Pumpkin Fritters – Pumpkin fritters is a recipe that has been thriving for generations with pumpkin as the main ingredient. It is served for breakfast or dessert and is an excellent meat complimentary food.
  2. Kallaloo – The old folks in the Virgin Islands believe that this recipe is a good luck food for lovers. It is a soup or stew mainly made from the dasheen leaves mixed with other leafy plants like spinach or taro.It is usually flavored with any combination of salted beef, pig’s mouth or tail, spicy peppers, crab, ham bone, fresh fish, okra, onions, and lots of spices.
  3. Johnnycake – It is a baked or deep fried bread or sometimes biscuit which can be served hot or cold
  4. Fried Fish with Creole Sauce and Fungi – Fungi is an excellent fish side dish, it is a kind of dumpling with a mixture of water, salted cornmeal, shortening and usually okra.
  5. Potato Stuffing – Potato stuffing is a Caribbean favorite and common recipe. It is served with almost every dish except for fish.
  6. Cruzan Rum – This is a popular rum in the islands. It has a particularly important part in the history of St. Croix
  7. Painkillers – What better way is there than to drink Painkiller while lying on a cozy hammock after a day in the beach. It’s mainly made of the popular Pusser’s Rum mixed with other ingredients like mango rum, pineapple juice, nutmeg and others.
  8. Pates – Pates are delicious fried pastries commonly served as a light snack in the Virgin Islands. The pates can be stuffed with either spiced meats, fish or vegetables.
  9. Red Grout or Rodgrod – This is a traditional food inherited from the Danish era. It is usually served during the celebration of Transfer Day every 31st of March. Its main ingredient is the guava fruit mixed with tapioca, and dashes of mace, cinnamon and nutmeg.