Saving The Relationship With The Help Of A Counselling Therapy

Marriage as a process

Partnership or marriage is a very complex relationship process that psychologically can be viewed from several aspects: social, biological, cultural, economic, legal and religious. Partnerships in one relationshipmust know that problems can be very dynamic and affecting the relationship between the partners. Oakville couples counselling can help people with their problems in order to effectively improve communication. Therapy counselors must know the differencebetween the partners in a relationship, the dynamics of that relationship, the various aspects of the partnership and family lifestyle.


Using different methods and techniques in therapy

The usage of different methods of counselling is not always accepted by the patients. There are lots of experts who say that in order to understand a relationship you need to have a controlled and professional approach. It is understanding that the approach of the counselling therapist will depend on their own theoretical orientation, knowledge, their own personality as well as the problem of the patients.

Counselling therapy

Counselling therapy is very popular method among patients nowadays and it is pointed towards solving. For this method, therapists use several number of techniques and it emphasizes the use ofthe technique ofconfrontation, interpretation, reducing tension,encouraging andsuspensionas well as cognitiveaspects ofthe personality ofthepatient.The counseloris directed towardsthe interactivecauseof the problem and works with both of the partners until they find a common solution.

Among all the other requirements that a councilor must meet in solving the problem of the partners, he/ she must offer an advice on how to learn to communicate, to bring the emotions, thoughts, needs and desires.The working time of the councilor with partners depends on the mental health of the partners themselves. In this process partners must show adjustable strength and flexibility in dealing with the resolution of their problems, independent and strong personal identity, capacity and willingness to solve the problem. The more these qualities are present in a partner, the more there will be progress in the mutual relationship. The cognitive approach is favorable, if partners work well.

Revealing the existence of problems in partners

There are exceptions for those partners whose counselor wants to reveal the existence of problems in one or both partners, then schedule a special counseling or therapy for both of them.

Using the methods of counseling, the therapist can easily solve all the problems that the partners have, especially the need to distinguish exactly where the problems come from. This can be achieved when the therapist works with each partner individually. It is therefore necessary, for the counselor to recognize the individual problem of one partner during the counseling in order to help save the relationship and eliminate that problem. Many problems in the relationship between the partners can be resolved only through mutual respect, and even those who initially seem unsolvable.