Remove Skin Tags – 4 Common Ways

You may come across people who have skin tags, and they are looking for means via which they can remove skin tags. Nevertheless, it is generally the case that they are unaware about what a skin tag is.

What Is A Skin Tag

A skin tag happens to be a small growth that basically protrudes from your own skin. It is usually not painful, and it very much moveable. A skin tag is generally of the same color as your skin, but can be a bit darker. These tags are not dangerous and not even cancerous, but they are embarrassingor you may find them uncomfortable if found on the face or anywhere clothing rubs.

Common Treatments

There are some home remedies that can help you remove skin tags, but you must consult a doctor before trying to do it on your own. In case you find yourself uncomfortable with removing these tags on your own, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist and have them removed with ease. There are various methods that can help you remove the skin tags, which you can discuss with your doctors. As this procedure is considered to be cosmetic, it is hardly covered by the medical insurance.

Most of the home based remedies can be extremely effective when it comes to removing the skin tags. In case you prefer to opt for professional assistance in this regard, there are several different options to choose from the following methods:

Cauterizing – If you prefer tocauterize a skin tag, the doctor is going to burn the tag off your skin. This perhaps is going to leave a scar on your skin, and can be very painful if nothing is given to numb the particular area.

Cutting – The doctor may prefer to use a sharp scalpelorknife to remove the skin tag. He is simply going to cut the tag away from your skin. It may cause a small scar, if you have a skin tag on your neck or face, cutting is not the right method for you.

Freezing – The doctor may apply Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the skin tag. It is the same procedure that is used to remove warts. It may cause you a bit of stinging, however is relatively painless.

Laser – Laser surgery tends to be a bi costly if you opt for it to remove the skin tag, however it offers the advantage of having minimal scar on your skin. A laser machine is used in this procedure to remove the skin tag. It may cause burning and swelling but an antibiotic or an ointment may be used to ease this.

It is imperative that you consult your doctor before applying home remedies to freezing skin tags. The doctor, as a result, will advise you which could be the best means of removing these skin tags from your body.