Life Altering Accident Injuries – When Amputation Is Inevitable

Over 20,000 amputations happen every year in the country, with men between the ages of 15 and 30 being the common victims. While International Conference certain diseases such as diabetes often result in amputations, various accidents are also a common cause of amputations. In an accident where a limb is lost, the incident site plays a major role in determining which parties are to be held liable for short and long term damages.

What Is Amputation?

Amputation is the loss or removal of a limb or body part, as a result of an illness or serious accident. Amputations that are accident related are also known as traumatic amputations that occur when a body part is severed during and as a result of the accident. They are life changing and affect the every day lives of victims. Sadly, aside from pain, victims have to bear extensive recovery phases through long term physical therapy and medications that produce costly medical bills.

The Causes Of Amputations

The truth is, no one wants an amputation and doctors consider amputation as the last resort to an accident related injury. However, certain medical conditions and situations leave doctors with no other choice, but to make amputation the only option in order to save the life of victims.

  • Medical Malpractice

There are situations when a patient undergoes a surgical procedure that leads to complications. It is possible that the hospital operates using poor sterilization techniques or ineffective surgical procedures and these can result in various complications. As such, medical professionals, health workers and even the hospital can be held responsible for the amputation.

  • Motor Vehicle Related Accidents

Auto accidents often cause amputations as certain accidents can crush bones. When bones are crushed to a certain extent, they may not be repaired and will require an amputation. However, in serious car accidents where extreme force is involved, limbs can be severed during the crash.

  • Defective Products

You must have already read and heard news of people being wounded, stuck, burnt or even crushed by various items, such as appliances, furniture, car parts and toys. Most of these injuries lead to infections and more serious injuries that will require an amputation in order to save the victim's life.

  • Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can also lead to amputations, despite the employee's safety efforts. All employers have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers, so workplace negligence is the common cause of amputations. In fact, "Cases involving the workplace will require the careful examination of signage, policies, procedures and other documentation to determine negligence" says Bob M. Cohen & Associates.

The Consequences You Will Have To Face As A Victim

When you become an amputee, your life will change with the surgery, rehabilitation and adapting to the changes. The experience is extremely painful and many suffer from depression because of it. Your ability to earn will also be effected as there is a possibility that you may not be able to return to your old employment or accept a transfer of position depending on the job scope. This is why accident amputees are encouraged to take legal action against negligent parties to help cover for the expenses, loss of income and suffering.

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