Dying To Drink: Eating Less, Drinking More

Should I eat a healthy meal or drink a half pint? Which one will give me less calories so that I can drink more tonight? These are the questions that a drunkorexic needs to consider every night when they go out to party.

You probably never heard of the term "drunkorexia", but those who read women's magazines are probably familiar with it. Drunkorexia is now a phenomenon that is gaining popularity, especially among college-aged women.

What Is Drunkorexia?

Drunkorexia is the term that is closely associated with anorexia and heavy binge drinking behavior. This is not an official medical term; however, it is the term used to describe the worrisome phenomenon that is a mixture of eating disorder and alcohol addiction. Drunkorexia has been associated with physical, cognitive, and behavioral problems.

A drunkorexic is an individual who skips meals so that he or she can drink more without worrying about gaining weight. This problem usually affects young adults and college students, specifically women, who want to have fun and stay thin. What a drunkorexic fails to understand is that this behavior could have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. According to the Science Daily, the common reasons why young adults become drunkorexic include:

  • Conserving restricted calories for binge drinking
  • Get intoxicated faster
  • Weight gain prevention
  • Eating less to save money for alcohol

The symptoms of drunkorexia are very easy to recognize.

  • The individual behaves differently around food.
  • A drunkorexic skips meals, usually dinner, just to drink more alcohol throughout the night.
  • The individual uses alcoholic beverages to satisfy hunger pains.
  • As a result, the drunkorexic loses a lot of weight quickly

The Dangers Of Drunkorexia

The recommended daily maximum alcohol consumption for women is around two to three units. This is equivalent to 175ml glass of wine. Unfortunately, binge drinkers bend their limits. Those who admit being a drunkorexic are unaware of the dangers of this disorder.

Dangerous And Risky Situations: For one, binge drinkers are more likely to engage in risky situations and behavior, such as getting behind the wheel while drunk. If fortunately the drunk driver avoided getting into an accident, there is a huge risk of getting arrested for DUI. According to the DUI attorneys at Action Legal Group, PLLC, the scent of alcohol on the person's breath is already an implicit permission for the police officer to start gathering evidence against the driver for driving while under the influence.

Liver Damage: Binge drinking can result in liver damage. If a person fails to eat the right amount of healthy food but drinks more alcoholic beverage, the effects can be fatal.

Acute Alcohol Poisoning: Starving one's self in order to drink more in a short span of time can result in alcohol poisoning. This problem can lead to disastrous consequences including, confusion, vomiting, and memory blackouts.

Keep in mind that food keeps the individual from getting intoxicated quickly. If the drunkorexic drinks without eating anything, there will be no food to slow down the alcohol absorption; therefore, the individual gets intoxicated faster.

Binge drinking also increases the risk of developing heart problems, kidney disease, arthritis, and cancer. This behavior is also associated with mental disorders, such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety. With that said, drunkorexia is a very dangerous problem. American Rare Earth Drunkorexic should seek professional help before this disorder leads to more serious consequences.

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The author, Kris Lim, aims to raise awareness regarding drunkorexia. In this article, she discusses the symptoms and dangers of this disorder.