Proper Lifting Technique

Lifting heavy objects can hurt you if you are not lifting properly. During work, you have to practice a proper lifting technique to avoid disc compression, which could harm you. With the following steps, you can improve your lifting technique and you can reduce the risk of injury on the job. Doing so is the smartest way to improve your productivity and reduce the risk of bodily harm. It is easy, but it may take some time to perfect to the point that you are doing it without difficulty. Once you are accustomed to the lifting, you can manage it without overthinking or worrying.

Start with a good stance. Put your feet shoulder width apart before attempting to lift. This will help you to have a stronger position when lifting the object. Without a good position, you may harm yourself or you may lose balance.

Once you start bending down, only bend the knees and hips. This will put the weight there rather than your back, which can easily become hurt if you put too much pressure on it. When you get back up, keep your body straight. Again, you do not want to put any pressure on the back. Slouching will and it is a bad idea.

Keep the object close to you and secure as you move. The object should remain level, just above your hips, and should not move much. As you walk, try to avoid moving the box too much, even if it is for comfort. To avoid injury, you want the box to remain level for the entire time.

Move carefully, as well. Sudden movements or putting your back into the movements may injure you. Use only your feet and your hips, not your back. This follows the same logic as above. If you put your back into it, there is a higher chance of back injury. You want to lift and carry with only your legs. Putting the pressure elsewhere is likely to cause pain.

After getting to your destination, put the object down carefully. Do it the same way that you lifted it, with your knees and hips. Carefully bend down and then lay the box down. Do not bend down your back with it.

Following these steps will help you to stay safe when lifting heavy objects at work. This is all part of the proper lifting technique that can reduce the risk of injury on the job.

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