How To Prepare For Oral Surgery In Austin, Texas

Whether you’re coming in for a wisdom teeth extraction or complete jaw reconstruction, if you’re going through an oral surgery procedure, there are some things you should do before your operation for preparation. Not only will this take a large weight off your shoulders after your surgery, but preparing  Smart Hydration  before your procedure will guide you toward a healthy and easy recovery.

Oral Surgery Prep Tips:

  1. Ask your oral surgeon if you can get your medication early. Getting your medication early allows you to take the antibiotics and painkillers before, rather than waiting to get them afterward. This can help take some anxiety and worry about getting your medication after your surgery and you won’t have to wait for them to fill out your prescription.
  2. Find a oral surgery buddy. Not someone who will also get oral surgery the same day as you. Find someone to take you to your appointment, stay at the office or location during your appointment, and take you home afterward. You will not be able to operate any heavy machinery or vehicle, so call in that favor!
  3. Plan out what you should wear for surgery day. Wear short-sleeve shirts and all-around comfortable clothing. Consider wearing a button-up in case something happens and they need to remove your shirt, but wearing a button-up will make it easier to change into pajamas. Avoid wearing jewelry, contacts, and make up- you’re not here to impress anyone and it will help the surgery go smoother. What you should do, and I always forget, is to bring some lip balm and moisturizer. Your lips will probably become chapped during your surgery procedure.
  4. Follow pre-operation instructions. If your oral surgeon tells you not to eat or drink, don’t do it. I know it’s hard, but following your oral surgeon’s pre-op instructions will help them and help you.
  5. Prepare what you’re going to eat (your post-surgery diet). More often than not, your oral surgeon will prescribe you to avoid anything crunchy, anything with texture, and to stick with soft, mushy foods. This can only mean one thing: ice cream everyday. It’s probably not a good idea to do that because ice cream doesn’t fulfill all of your nutritional requirements. I would recommend buying ingredients for smoothies, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc. Depending on what kind of oral surgery procedure you will be going through, the healing process and how long you will need to eat soft foods can vary. Your oral surgeon can tell you exactly how long this will be.
  6. Don’t use a straw or smoke. Especially for those who are going in for a wisdom teeth extraction, smoking and drinking out of a straw can hinder your healing process. Worst-case-scenario? Dry socket. You don’t want to add any more pain to what you already went through, try not to drink with a straw and try not to smoke.
  7. Get sleep. Because you’re getting oral surgery, you probably won’t be able to sleep on your back or on your side for a little while. It’s also advisable for a quick and speedy recovery to relieve pressure off the site of the surgery. This is the perfect opportunity to get one of those chair pillows. If you’re not a chair pillow kind of a person, you can always use multiple pillows to cushion your back and elevate yourself. Sleep is important part of the healing process. Did you take a day (or a couple of days) off school or work? Enjoy it and rest up.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane is glad he's never had to have oral surgery.