Old Effective Russian Remedies For All Kinds Of Diseases

These folk remedies will help you to cope with colds and flu, even during the coldest days. Our experienced physiotherapist in Brampton will give you some advice on how you can handle colds using alternative medicine, this time some old medicines that come from Russia.

The Russians are known for their very effective folk medicine. As flu and flu are very common as soon as temperatures are lowered, there are some of the most effective natural ingredients on our list that will help you fight them.

Raspberry tea

Many elderly people in Russia believe that this "magic" drink solves not only the symptoms of colds and flu, but other inflammatory processes. In Russia, raspberry is known for its medicinal properties, and the jam and tea of ​​this fruit are widely used. Children learn to drink at least two cups of this tea on a daily basis in order to keep them from getting cold.

Garlic instead of nasal drops

According to Russian folk medicine, you should not resort to nose drops, but look for help in the kitchen. Namely, Garlic is known for its anti-viral properties in Russia, so do not be surprised if you see a garlic necklace on a sick person on a sick person. Another use of this vegetable is like a nose drop. Wipe the garlic with garlic and sprinkle it in the nostrils, not more than twice a day.

Lowering your body temperature with warm lining on your elbows and knees. In the Russian people, there is a belief that if you put your knees and elbows in warm water and spend some time (of course, adding hot water), you will lower the body temperature that follows the cold and flu.


In addition to believing that heat on their knees and elbows will lower the temperature, the Russians believe that the time spent in a room full of vapor will help to get rid of colds and flu. This method should be avoided if you already have an elevated temperature. Make yourself a warm bath, allow the bathroom to "burn", and insert the sheets of honey or mint into the water. This method will help you to cope with the fractured nose and persistent dry cough. You can also do this by stuffing the pot with boiling water, putting tea leaves and tilting the head over the pot and covering it with a towel.

Flowers and vinegar for swollen throat and tonsils

For this medicine you will need 250 grams of beetroot and vinegar. Sprinkle the beets on small pieces and add the tin spoon of vinegar. Leave to stand for 20 minutes, proceed, and then wash the throat with this solution in small quantities every three hours.

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