Missing Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants And Dentures

Our dental problems are always linked with the illness of whole body like heart disease and diabetes. Tooth cleaning (deep scaling) is a common process all over the world, also known as the removing plaques. Plaque can build in the tooth deeply and outside the gum line.

Tooth replacement

Many of an individual loss their tooth due to injury or oral disease like gum disease or cavities. When a teeth is missing it can create many speaking problem as well as eating problem. A missing tooth can also reduce the self-esteem in an individual. But nowadays an individual can maintain a dental health by tooth replacement which includes dentures and dental implants. In developed countries people can afford a tooth replacement easily and new technologies are also available. A person living in New York has a great advantage because in New York, Brooklyn is famous for best oral surgeries.

  • Dental implants.

Periodontist insert an artificial tooth into an individual’s jaw to replace the missing tooth. After dental implants, a crown will be attached to give an individual a natural appearance. If an individual is missing two or many teeth, then dental implant can be used to connect with bridges to make tooth replacement more secure. Dental implants in Sheepshead Bay are famous because it is more secure than the dentures.

People with good health and over all conditions can get dental implant because for dental implant an individual gum tissues should be strong, free from disease and healthy therefore dentures is a better choice in some cases.

  • Dentures

Dentures are the false tooth. There are two types of teeth

  • Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when an individual is having no teeth. Denture covers an individual lower and upper jaw

  • Over dentures

Over dentures are removable dentures and is used when an individual having some teeth.

Important Minerals for teeth

An individual can lead a healthy life by some changes in diet and lifestyle. Flossing teeth alternate days and brush teeth regularly is essential, but considering oral health while eating is also vital, as we all know a healthy diet can lead to healthy body. So whatever an individual eats, it is directly or indirectly related to oral health of an individual because eating affects gum and teeth, both.

Minerals like calcium and vitamin C plays a vital role in making tooth stronger.

  • Intake of vitamin C

Vitamins C are vital for skin because it is responsible for holding cells all together therefore vitamin C is also important for health gum tissue. People who consume more than 180mg or more per day of vitamin C are less likely to have gum diseases than others

  • Intake of calcium every day

An individual’s tooth is made up of 99% of calcium. Calcium is available in food like milk, yogurts and cheese.1000 mg calcium is recommended for a woman younger than 50 years and 1200 mg for above

Author’s Bio:

Stefan is a student of dentistry and an assistant of Dr. Umanoff DDS Dentist in Sheepshead Bay.