Microsoft Looks To AI To Transform Healthcare Industry

In healthcare technology news, Microsoft is placing its bets on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the health sector, with its chief executive officer, Satya Nadella saying AI will radically change healthcare and the direction the company takes.

“AI is the runtime that is going to shape all of what we do going forward in terms of the applications as well as the platform advances,” Nadella said earlier in the year.

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While Microsoft sees AI as the leader among healthcare trends, Nadella cautioned that there was need for a buy in from people that would use the tech.

Speaking at Microsoft Future Decoded at London’s ExCel exhibition centre, Nadella said it was not all about “the whizz-bang technologies, but the people behind it who take this technology and translate it into real action. The biggest proviso is seeing this all in action – how is the technology all being used? I ask the hard question: is our participation really translating into people using our technology to shape outcomes that matter?”

The giant tech company’s vision is to turn every industry, including healthcare, into an AI-first industry.

Microsoft believes there has been an “explosion of data, incredible advances in computational biology, genomics and medical imaging have created vast amounts of data well beyond the ability of humans to comprehend,” necessitating the need for AI and machine learning in the healthcare sector.

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Over the past few years, Microsoft has increasingly been involved in ensuring that AI is used in healthcare. In 2017, Microsoft embarked on Healthcare NExT, an initiative that  aims to accelerate healthcare innovation through AI and cloud computing.

For this initiative, the tech giant has been working together with leading players in the healthcare industry to bring groundbreaking research and product development to help healthcare providers, biotech companies and organizations around the world use AI and the cloud to innovate.

In December 2017, Microsoft announced that it was partnering with several organizations for the launch of the Health Bot project.Read more about innovations in the industry like “7 applications for blockchain in healthcare”.