Know The Common Migraine Triggers To Avoid Them!

The term migraine is no longer a new one to the world. A vast majority of the general population has developed awareness for this excruciating headache type. But, despite this growing awareness, there is still a lack of understanding as to what exactly causes this headache. Still, what has been helpful for the doctors as well as the sufferers is the fact that the migraine triggers are largely recognised. Identifying them helps in avoiding these triggers and thus preventing a migraine attack becomes easy.


What are migraine triggers?

While talking about the triggers of migraine, it must be mentioned what these triggers are all about. The triggers of migraine headaches are external factors that contribute in the occurrence of an attack or accelerate an attack. There are different kinds of these external factors that can trigger your migraine headache, but they are not the same for everyone. However, research studies have shown that in most cases, there are some common triggers that have been instrumental.

Common migraine triggers:

Amongst the common triggers that need special mention are –

  • Hormonal changes:

Research studies have shown that women suffer from migraine way more frequently than men. The reason behind this can be the hormonal changes that women undergo throughout her life. Women report frequent migraine attacks before and during their menstrual cycles. It is the same during their pregnancy as well as post-menopausal stage.

  • Foods:

There are some foods that can trigger a migraine attack in most cases and they include aged cheese, processed and packaged foods like meat, and foods with added flavour enhancers like MSG, sweetener aspartame or any other salty edibles. Here it must also be mentioned that along with eating these foods, what else can trigger your pain is skipping your meals.

  • Drinks and beverages:

Any drink that contains high caffeine content can trigger migraine attacks. In fact, alcohol is one of the most common migraine trigger. Amongst the different kinds of alcohol, wine is the most debilitating one.

  • Certain medicines:

Owing to the hormonal changes, those, who are on regular contraceptives, are more likely to experience migraine attacks. Along with that, certain other medicines such as nitroglycerin and other vasodilators can trigger your migraine attacks or worsen the pain.

  • Physical factors:

Too much of exercise and physical activities can lead to migraine attacks. Even engaging in excessive sexual activity can trigger your pain.

  • Stress:

Not just the physical exhaustion, but excessive mental exhaustion can trigger or accelerate your migraine attacks. Stress at home and anxiety in your professional life are common migraine triggers.

  • Changes in the environment:

Changes in weather and increase in the barometric pressure can be the cause of migraine pain.

  • Change in sleeping pattern:

Just as skipping meal can lead to migraine, change in the sleeping pattern can also lead to migraine headache. In fact, sleeping too much or too less can be equally debilitating.

  • External stimuli:

Sometimes, the triggers of migraine can be bright light, loud sound and strong smell.

Which of the migraine triggers will be instrumental in your case, cannot be predetermined. Hence, a doctor always recommends that you keep a migraine diary to note your triggers down. You can download a migraine diary from this site