Kiwi Seafood, the Must-eat Delicacies While Touring New Zealand

The unspoiled countryside invites numerous globetrotters within and around the Kiwi countryside.  Your taste buds are bound to get tempted by a wide range of seafood while you’re touring New Zealand.

Here’s a list of seafood delicacies that are much sought-after among tourists:


The lobster or crayfish capital of New Zealand, Kaikoura gets thronged by tourists from various corners of the world. The Seafood BBQ is a regular shack on the beach that serves visitors with their fresh catch. While moving past the seal colony you’re bound to try the much-frenzied crayfish and take a few cool snapshots as well.


Snapper, as you call it in Maori, has been a popular fish in New Zealand. It’s really a much sought after delicacy among travelers and is mostly sold in the North Island at a much higher price when caught freshly.


Whitebait is found in abundance within the West Coast of the South Island. The Curly Tree Whitebaits are certainly another sought-after delicacy that you come across as you move southwards from the SH6 glaciers.

Bluff Oysters

Considered to be amongst the finest in the world, the oysters that you come across in New Zealand feel plump and large besides tasting juicy. During the month of May, an Oyster Festival is held in Bluff, which attracts tourists from various corners of the globe. If you really wish to participate, you may need to book your flight and accommodation in advance. You may avoid the rush from stopover locations like Bangkok and Singapore. Also to keep things within your budget, you may check out few online travel coupons for flight-booking.

King Salmon                                                                                                              

Over 50% of the total production of King Salmon in this world is cultivated in New Zealand. The presence of Omega 3 natural oil is certainly higher in King Salmons as compared to the other species of salmon. The highest Salmon farm is situated at a height of 677m from sea level in Tekapo. A number of fine dining restaurants serve smoked, grilled and sashimi Salmon all over the country.

Mussels with Green lips

Compared to the other mussels, you’ll find it easier to distinguish the ones possessing green lips and green shells. These mussels are easily available all over the country and throughout the year. You may check them out near Marlborough.


Paua is another popular delicacy in New Zealand. Mincing Paua in the form of a fritter is certainly a good way of having it. There are a number of fish shops set all over New Zealand where from Paua can be found in abundance. This local delicacy is mostly found at a shallow depth of the shorelines within the rocky coastal waters.

Most of the tourist hotspots in New Zealand allow visitors to indulge in different types of seafood festivals all the year round. Auckland, the capital city of New Zealand is connected to other major tourist hubs within the country. A number of international flights connect several global hotspots with Auckland. If you’re more adventurous, you may choose to explore the cruising options. Some of these cruise services will connect you directly from the Pacific Islands, while the others will take you around the world.

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