Is Suboxone An Effective Treatment Option For Naperville Addicts And Substance Abusers

Opiate Use and Abuse in the Nation Requiring Better and more Stable Handlings Overall


There is no question about it anymore: opiate use and abuse is the fastest growing substance abuse problem that the nation has ever seen and it is occurring right now.  The tandem increases in the use and abuse of opiate prescription pain relievers along with the increase in the use and abuse of heroin have all added up to making for a pretty serious dual addiction problem. That is why a drug rehabilitation Naperville is in place in order to make an attempt in reducing the amount of drug users   For example:

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Opiates accounted for roughly 83 percent of admissions for injection drug abuse, followed by methamphetamine/amphetamine, (11 percent) and cocaine, (5 percent).  Opiates are not only the majority, but they are by far the worst because people die from them so easily and so quickly.  This is a saddening truth but it is a truth nonetheless.  If something is not done soon to rectify the substance abuse issue here then it is feared that it will grow much faster than rehab programs can work to rectify it.  Furthermore, injection drug admissions of young people aged 15 to 25 years old increased between 1992 and 1999.  This is even worse because young people stand a much higher likelihood of dying from their abuses.  For example, among 1999 injected drug admissions, persons admitted for injecting opiates averaged 14 years of use before entering treatment for the first time, while those admitted for injecting methamphetamine/amphetamine averaged 12 years, and for cocaine 13 years.


In one study conducted at the National Addiction Center, 650 individuals with a heroin addiction committed more than 70,000 crimes in a three-month period.  This is not only one of the most dangerous drugs in the nation but it is also one of the most inspiring of crime and criminal activity in general.  Heroin kills with overdoses, it kills with crime, and it causes powerful addictions like no other.


Taking a Close Look at Suboxone as a Potential Solution to the Opiate Drug Problem


There is no doubt about it; opiate abuse has created a pretty severe and significant issue indeed in and around the city of Naperville.  This has got to be handled and addressed somehow, and many have said that the way to go about this is to engage the help of an inpatient drug rehab Naperville center or several of them in fact that all utilize Suboxone.

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Suboxone is an opioid-antagonist, meaning that it counteracts the effects of opiate withdrawals.  If this is used and utilized properly, then it is a sure thing that an individual will have a much easier time of kicking his or her opiate habit.  This may yet be the saving grace that Naperville has been looking for.


One needs to be careful though when considering going onto Suboxone.  It too can be addictive and sometimes those who take it actually do become very addicted to it and end up abusing it.  While this is sad to say the least, it is very realistic that this does happen and it is something to consider.  In the end though, anything that helps an addict kick a drug problem is worth looking into.