Introduction To Noopept – A Potent Nootropic

The term nootropic is not new today. Millions of people are taking nootropics on a regular basis to improve their mental abilities and to boost their memory. But still if you are new to the term and do not know about nootropics, I am going to explain them as well so you may everything you need to know even if you are a beginner.


Nootropic, also goes by the name smart drugs, memory enhancers, brain boosters, etc. are the man-made supplements that are used to increase the cognitive abilities of human mind. As where the cognitive abilities are concerned, understanding, comprehension, reasoning, decision making, production of language, evaluation, perception, attention, etc. all comes under the category of cognitive abilities and are clearly brain functions.

Introduction to Nootropics:

As I have described already about the nootropic and what factors they directly affect, let me just introduce you with some of the most popular nootropics. Actually, the major nootropics are the derivatives of Racetams so don’t get confused. The first and the most basic nootropic is the Piracetam which is a derivative of Racetam and known for enhancing memory, promoting focus, increasing mental power and boosting cognitive abilities.

The next one comes the Oxiracetam which is another derivative of the Racetam and works similar to the Piracetam but still it have some of its unique abilities as well. It improves the short term and long term memory to a great extent and removes the brain fog as well.

Another good nootropic is caffeine used in the combination of L-Theanine to remove the side effects of caffeine while keeping the positive effects on its maximum. Caffeine plus theanine promotes alertness, provides energy, improves focus, boosts cognitive abilities, reduce anxiety, and treats insomnia as well.

Introduction to Noopept – A Potent Nootropic:

Another very recent but highly potent derivative of Racetam is the noopept which is another great addition to the nootropics family. It was discovered in 1996 and is 1000 times more potent than Piracetam. If you want to get fast results, Noopept is the best choice for you.

Piracetam and other nootropics usually work in the background however noopept has the ability to work in the foreground delivering you fast and effective results. It improves memory retention to a great extent. The main benefit of noopept is that it is transported to the brain directly making it much more effective and fast.