How To Strengthen The Neck Area

The strengthening the neck region can be very beneficial for the whole body. Certain exercises will help to develop muscles in the neck that help support the head. Keeping these muscles in good shape will provide your brain with all the help it needs to function on a daily basis.

closeup shot of neck and shoulder

Another key thing about strengthening the neck muscles and ligaments is to prevent injuries. Neck pain is a leading problem next to back pain so helping build this area up is key to preventing certain injuries. Building up the neck area is key to improving posture. Being pain free is another benefit to having a strong neck.

With all these benefits of having a strong neck it is really worth doing the right exercises to make this happen. If you are having any problems with neck pain be sure to talk to your Physiotherapist in Cambridge and they can help you. Pain relieving drugs can work but only offer temporary solutions whereas exercise has been known to cure or lessen the symptoms.


When you exercise the right neck muscles it strengthens them relieving pressure on the joints and spinal discs. Studies have shown that people using strength training along with other workouts have the biggest success in limiting neck pain.

Physiotherapists recommend certain exercises along with using some light dumbbells weighing up to eight pounds. The use of heavier dumbbells are fine as you work you way up. Some of these exercises are listed below. Before you start working out with weights keep in mind it may take some time to get use to it. Check with Physiotherapy in Cambridge before you start this type of exercise program. Be careful when doing these exercises that you don’t strain your neck.

One great exercise for the neck area is called the Neck Flexion because you are flexing the muscle by bringing your head and neck up to your chin all the way up to your chest. Once you have touched your chest move your head back down to the floor and rest for about ten seconds. Take your time and get use to this flexing motion as not to injure yourself. By doing things nice and slow when you start out can prevent any injuries.

Start with doing three sets of ten repetitions in a day. Make sure to rest a couple of minutes between sets. Making sure to take time between days to do the sets will give your neck muscles time to heal preventing any injuries.

The dumbbell shrug is another exercise that is good for the neck region and is great for the trapezius muscle. This muscle extends down from the neck down the back and helps to support the arms. When performing this exercise hold your dumbbells at your sides in equal position. Bend your knees slightly. Move your shoulders up in a shrugging motion upwards. Try doing ten repetitions of three sets making sure to rest between sets.

The Lateral Rise is another great exercise for the neck area. Start with arms on the sides holding your dumbbells. Start and raise the dumbbells up to shoulder level then lower them back down. Start with three sets of ten repetitions making sure to rest between sets.

One last exercise to try looks hard but is not. It is performed by Yoga instructors and looks pretty cool. The Headstand is done with you standing on your head on a pillow and leaning next to a wall. Resting in this position you are working the neck muscles. You have to thrust your body up to get to the position. These are some great exercises to keep you from getting neck pain and if you have any problems contact