How To Relieve Neck Pain With Out Any Painkillers

Having to endure neck pain is a really rough thing to have to go through. Throughout the day, we have numerous responsibilities and tasks that need to be taken care of and if we are dealing with neck pain at the same time, they only get harder and harder.


The pain just keeps building up throughout the day

By the end of the day, if we keep dealing with the pain, we’ll be exhausted simply by trying to hold on to those brief moments where the pain doesn’t seem to bother us that much. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few simple ways to relieve neck pain without using any painkillers that you can do at home or at work:

Slowly exercise the neck muscles

Sometimes the neck might be hurting because the muscles are sore. This might happen due to a wide variety of reasons and, luckily, it isn’t too hard to take care of it. When you’re in pain, just try to slowly rotate your neck in a circular motion, while attempting to stretch every possible muscle around it – slowly.

It might be pretty painful at first, but it will show some results in no time. If the circular motion isn’t doing anything to help you out, try moving the neck back and forward, or any other type of movement that will get those muscles stretching.

Take a shower and relax

Stress might be affecting you, and the best thing you can do about it is to take a shower, relax your muscles and let yourself rest. Try to simulate one of those incredibly relaxing showers you see in the movies, and move your neck as little as possible during and after the shower.



After the sure, apply a heating pad to the neck and lay down for a little bit. The heat is going to improve circulation, which will relieve the pain.

Get a massage

If you feel like you need to relieve your neck from built up tension that might be causing the pain, take a look at the spas around your area and try to find the one with the best massage services. Go in, get a massage and really let yourself relax. If possible, explain the situation the spa so they’ll be able to help you out with a specialized type of massage.

Alternatively, you can try hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is essentially a type of massage that involves water, but that can be done at home by yourself, if you want to save the money you would pay the spa. All you need to do is target your neck in the shower with warm water for about five minutes and then use cold water on it for about a minute. Relieve a few times until the pain goes away or soothes.

Take a walk

If all else fails, don’t just sit and wait for the pain to go away. If possible, go for a walk, a swim or practice yoga. These types of exercises are going to help you improve your posture and stretch the muscles in your neck, which will help relieve the pain.

On top of that, they’ll help your blood circulation, which will ease the pain. In order to continue reducing the pain, avoid physical and emotional stress at all costs. While the results might not be seen immediately, you will in time see that the pain goes away and never comes back.

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