How to Plan Quarterly Company Meetings

Being a business owner means a lot of things. You have to be sure that you are on top of your game because it is very likely that you are going to hold a lot of responsibility inside of the company. Planning quarterly, or even more often, meetings is something that may fall on your plate. Meetings are important, but it is also really important that you do not plan meetings that are not necessary. No one wants to break their day up with an meetings that was pointless. We can help you determine when you need to plan a meeting and how you can make the meetings something that the employees in your company want to attend.

What’s the Purpose

The first thing you have to ask yourself is what the purpose of the meeting is. Once you have addressed what you want to cover inside of your meeting, you need to continue to ask yourself a few more questions to be sure that you actually need to hold a meeting to accomplish your purpose. One thing we always suggest is that you ask yourself if the meeting is necessary or if it can be accomplished in an email or a quick 10 minute ‘front of the office’ meeting. People would rather not have to interrupt their day if they do not have to. Be sure that the task could not be accomplished in a more convenient way before you decide to schedule a meeting.

Time of Day

You probably don’t realize how important it is that you plan the meeting during a time of the day that is right for your office. If you know your employees are not going to be very impressed by the meeting, one thing that you can do is plan it around lunch time and feed them while they are there. Corporate catering in NYC allows you to simply hire someone to come in and provide lunch and you will not have to do anything else, but it will make your employees happier to be in the office to have a meeting.


No one wants to have to have meetings once a week. YOu need to pay attention to how often you are calling meetings. We would suggest that you try and plan your meetings out well so you can accomplish a couple of meetings discussions in one sitting. If you can make them meetings more purposeful, your employees are not going to care if the meeting is an hour long rather than 30 minutes. You employees would rather have a little bit longer of a meeting less often than have regular meetings that are short but make them take time away from their tasks.