How to Ensure Best Kratom Quality?

Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years because of the great benefits it has to offer. This is basically a plant having numerous alkaloids that have different medical benefits. Some of the alkaloids include Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, MitragyninePseudoindoxyl and 7-hydroxymitragynine. If you are looking to find the best quality Kratom for yourself, you need to understand the following points and find out which companies follow them to bring the best product to you.



Kratom products can be best made only if the best harvested Kratom is used. For this purpose the ideal situation is to collect Kratom from different areas. This diversity in collection is needed because it isn’t easy to grow it in a controlled environment as it needs a lot of sunlight in the specific proportions, along with sufficient shade and proper water/nutrient supply. Moreover, it is best to select the fully grown plants and leave the younger ones to maintain the quality.


The sustainability of Kratom is another major issue when it comes to collecting it. If too many plants are harvested in one location it can result in choking the supply of Kratom in that area. It is always good not to harvest the whole area and leave some young plants to grow so that they can be harvested later on. With all the best techniques and keeping in mind the sustainability of the plant, high quality and rich in alkaloid Kratom can be made.


Drying Kratom also carries a lot importance as this is basically the process to preserve the alkaloids. Farmers should be aware that Kratom plant should be dried indoors away from the direct sunlight. Cool and dark environment is ideal for drying the plant with special racks that let the air to flow between the leaves. The drying process takes an ample amount of time in days before it becomes ready for grinding.

Where to Buy?

A number of companies don’t follow the above methods and to increase their profits go for shortcuts which in return decrease the product quality. There are companies like Kratom Crazy who are somewhat new in the market, but have really good alkaloid percentage in their products. The reason is that they are well aware of all the above methods of bringing the best product to you. They might appear small to you, but they concentrate more on the quality and keeping their clients satisfied.