How Much is Back Pain Related Injuries Effecting Our Economy And Business?

In UK alone it is estimated that at least eight out of 10 adults have or will experience some form of back pain. That is more than half the people that work in this county and at one point in their lives they could be greatly impacted by the effects of back pain. The economic reality is that this epidemic will affect businesses as well as individuals.

The question is how much are back pain related injuries effecting our economy and business?

Back pain is a common, episodic, and often recurrent epidemic that is general self-limiting. The downfall is absence from work, loss in income, loss in productivity, and economic downturn.

Chronic conditions usually mean that an employee will be out of work more than 12 week or back pain reoccurs throughout the year causing the sufferer to be out of work less than six months throughout the entire year.

Doctors recommend 7 days off work for back pain sufferers

Most people will stay out of work less than seven days as doctors advise that it is bet to remain mobile during an episode. About 15% of people will stay out longer than one month due to back pain.

There have been many studies on the subject and the results have been astounding. The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study in 2011 related to this very topic. The research concluded that in 2008 more than 100 million adults suffered from various types of chronic pain and a good portion of those sufferers pain was related to back pain.

Studies conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center show that over 13 million people see a doctor due to chronic back pain each year. Chronic back pain not only affects the sufferer’s ability to earn money but the cost for doctor’s visits and other treated related issues.

Another study by Duke University in 2004, concluded that the economic impact of back pain was so enormous that it should be used to help law makers in United States revaluate policies and allocate resource in health care.

The cost rack up like this:

  • Total incremental health care cost ranges from $261 to 300 billion.
  • Loss of productivity range from £11.6 to £12.7 billion plus lower wages range from £190.6 to £226.3 billon.
  • The number of hours chronic back pain sufferers are unable to work range from £95.2 to £96.5 billion.

All of this equates to a total of £560 to £635 billion as the financial cost for pain in our society. This cost includes estimated health care cost and productivity estimates.

The worst fact yet is that studies show that pain starts a vicious cycle that directly affects overall health. The natural response when you have pain is to not use the part of the body that hurts. In turn the inactivity can cause other portions of the body to become affected. Making one of the hidden cost of pain overall health. Overall having health problems is one of the highest cost factors when dealing with pain in general.

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