How Long Do You Have To Train To Become A Chiropractor In The Uk?

As a practicing chiropractor, your job description includes diagnosing, treating, and preventing mechanical dysfunctions in both the muscle and skeletal systems and their effects on the nervous system. In the course of the job, you would learn to manipulate soft tissues, joints, and bones to control pain and prevent your clients from sustaining injuries. The beauty of a chiropractor’s job is that you help a patient to overcome pain and other physical health related issues without the use of drugs or surgery. The most common cases you would handle as a chiropractor include pain in the neck, shoulder, and back, leg problems, sports injuries, posture related issues, muscle and joint pain, and so on.


Training To Become a Chiropractor

To be able to practice chiropractic care in the UK, you must be a registered member of the General Chiropractic Council. The GCC is the body that regulates the chiropractic care practice in the UK. For you to be a registered member of this organization, you must have completed a degree in chiropractic. Do note that the GCC must accredit this degree. The programme is made up of two parts; a three-year full-time degree programme, and one year of practice work under the supervision of a practicing chiropractor.

Currently, there are only three chiropractic programmes that are accredited by the General Chiropractic Council, and they are:

  • The McTimoney College of Chiropractic
  • University of South Wales
  • Anglo-European College of Chiropractic

Some of the subjects you would take during your study include; biomechanics and biochemistry, orthopaedics and physiotherapy, diagnosis, and so on.

All chiropractic programmes culminate with a final clinical year. During this period, you would be working under the supervision of a practicing chiropractor registered with the GCC. To be able to register for a chiropractic programme you will need the following:

  • Three A-levels, two of which should be in the sciences (biology, physics, chemistry)
  • At least five GCSEs which should also include science subjects

In the events that you do not have any of the qualifications mentioned above, you can take an Access to Higher Education course offered by institutions that are approved by the GCC. This course would last for one year, after which you can now proceed to your chiropractic programme.

Further Training and Development

While your degree and membership with the GCC are sufficient to get you a job as a chiropractor, they are not enough to help you keep that job. To remain in the practice, you would have to undergo further training on a regular basis so as to ensure that your skills and knowledge are in tune with latest practices. Also, you would have to renew your membership with the GCC regularly for you to remain a licensed chiropractor in the UK.

Job Opportunities

Chiropractors care for patients with neuromusculoskeletal system problems that includes muscles, nerves, bones, tendons, and ligaments. They use spinal manipulation, adjustments, and other methods to manage the health of their patients. So as a chiropractor, you are bound to be exposed to a limitless number of jobs. Moreover, the way and manner in which you operate are to be decided by nobody but you. As such, you can choose to pick an area of specialty or work as a general practitioner. You can also choose to work in a hospital or therapy clinic, or operate as a private chiropractor.

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