How Coffee Grounds Are Being Recycling Into Something New

Coffee Grounds

Reduce, reuse and recycle have become mantras for many companies throughout the world. No matter what industry you look at, there are companies creating innovative solutions to help keep the environment healthy. Sustainable solutions that include recycling are among the most effective as it addresses to issues that the world is currently facing and it offers a viable, long term solution that can actually make a difference. Take the coffee industry, for example. With sustainability being the latest trend, and one that we can all agree on, some companies are taking that to the next level. From compostable coffee capsules to organic coffee capsules, many manufacturers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and the impact they have on the environment.

We are now beginning to see even more innovative ways that coffee is being used to save the environment as companies are turning used coffee grounds into things like shoes, dishes, growing medium, even art for your home!

Shoes- coffee grounds are being turned into shoes using a process which recycles coffee beans, coffee plants, and recycled coffee grounds. These 100% vegan shoes even smell like your favourite brew!

Printing And 3d Printing- used coffee grounds are being recycled into bioplastics and used in the 3D printing industry as a replacement for PTA and PLA materials which can be harmful to the environment.

Growing Medium- coffee grounds are a great addition to your garden because they can help your plants grow stronger and faster, but researchers are finding that recycled coffee grounds make an effective growing medium for mushrooms and other acid-loving fruits and vegetables. Compostable coffee capsules are being used by many companies because the entire pod can be ground up to make the growing medium.

Clothing- coffee grounds are being recycled into clothing that include innovative deodorising properties. Used coffee grounds are being turned into yarn, which is then made into fabrics that resist most odors.

Removing Greenhouse Gasses- coffee grounds are even being used to help clean up our air. By capturing the carbon in used coffee grounds, scientists are discovering new ways to remove harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This is a great way to make a used coffee capsule compostable and useful at the same time!

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