Hangover Myths that you Should Stop Believing Now

Having an alcoholic drink into a party is already a tradition in a lot of countries. Whenever there is a celebration, you will see that there is at least a beer, a cocktail or a wine available. In many parts of Europe, beer is essential and casual as the weather is very cold. They need alcohol in order to have heat in the body. In other words, alcohol is not just something to drink for entertainment, but it is also use to give comfort. For some, it is even a solution to forget problems in life. So, we will see that alcohol is widely used in each individual. However, there are negative effects of too much drinking such as hangover. Unfortunately, there are myths regarding hangover that make its symptoms worse. In order to avoid that, we list down some of the wrong beliefs regarding it.

Drink more?

Drinking beer is the main reason why people are having a hangover. That is why it is very stupid to believe that in order to avoid hangover, you need to have a break for a while, then resume again with one bottle before leaving the bar or stop the drinking session. But I tell you, this is not a good way to lessen the effects of hangover. In fact, it just add to the symptoms that you will experience tomorrow. The good suggestion is that instead of drinking another bottle of beer or any alcoholic drink, why not drink water? Or any fruit juice? This would help you cleanse or wash away the alcohol in your body. Thus, the less alcohol, the less effect of hangover for tomorrow. On the other hand, if you are very serious in avoiding hangover, why not consider drinking moderately?

Sex is the key?
There are some people who believe that having sex is an answer to remove hangover. According to them, their conditions are getting better after doing an intercourse. However, there are no scientific evidence that proves the statement. The answer might be, sex makes the time faster and it may even set your mood good. Plus, this might give you a lot of sweat which you gain the same feeling as having a cardio exercise. But going into a conclusion that sex removes the hangover, there are still no scientific evidences to support it. In order to help your remove hangover, you could try https://www.patchmd.com/Hangover-Prevention-Topical-Patch.html.