Are you guilty of these body-wrecking sins?

If you believe in looking after your body, you probably work out and try to eat well, and generally take good care of yourself.

All of those things are important but you could be surprised to discover how you could be wrecking yourself without even realising it.

There are a few bad habits or beliefs that many people hold which can have devastating effects, either ruining your overall fitness or stopping you reaching your full potential.

Are you guilty of any of these?

No pain, no gain

Exercise can feel like hard work on some days, whilst on others you might feel much better equipped to complete your programme.

That's a normal variation, but when it comes to actual pain, it's a very different matter.

There was a brief fad where experts believed “no pain, no gain” but this is long been proven to not be the case. Unfortunately this mentality still prevails in many individuals who work out.

Just to emphasise, actual pain is a sign that something is wrong. There are no exceptions to this. Don't be tempted to simply ignore it and push on as you could end up damaging yourself in a far worse way.

Be careful with no pain no gain, pain is the body’s way of saying STOP

Pain might be caused by an undiagnosed injury or muscle problem, or simply poor technique. The only thing for sure is that by ignoring and pushing on through, in the longer term you will eventually hit a barrier that forces you to stop altogether.

If you're in pain, stop and consider what might be causing it. By addressing the issue you'll not only prevent long term problems, but also improve the results you get from your exercise too.

But of course...this mentality only applies to actual pain, not the fatigue that comes from a tough work out. It's up to you to be able to determine the difference.

Nice and knee-sy

Knees are a particularly vulnerable part of our body and if we don't take proper care of them, serious problems can ensue.

While you're exercising, you probably are – and certainly should be! - paying close attention to your technique and bodily posture to make sure you aren't placing undue stress on your joints. However, the likelihood is that once you're dressed and back home again, you probably don't give your posture a second thought.

However, if you sit with your knees together and your feet apart, sooner or later you're going to suffer from knee pain.

Although when you're just sitting you won't be load-bearing in the same way as when you're doing squats, the chances are that you will hold this position for far longer. This will ultimately lead to knee valgus, and lots of pain.

The solution is to make sure you think about posture when you're not exercising too and if you ever find yourself sitting with your knees knocked together and your feet apart, correct your position immediately.

Walking and texting

Whether you are texting, scrolling through Facebook or surfing the net, using your phone while walking is a very bad idea indeed. And not just because you might walk into a lamppost.

Most people are aware of the problems that working at a desk can result in, with all the posture-related issues causing back, shoulder and neck pain.

The same principles apply to walking and using your mobile, except to an even greater degree.

By definition, your hands will be centred in, pushing your elbows out, your head will be hanging forward and you'll be walking with a bent neck and shoulders. It's almost the perfect list of everything you shouldn't do.

Walking and texting it’s never a good idea!

Your shoulders will be internally rotated, a position which ultimately results in pain and impingement, and your back will be put under duress as it is stretched for long periods of time. All of this could lead to shoulder pain and instability as well as painful headaches.

There's no simple solution to this one other than don't look at your phone when you're walking!


Did you spot any bad habits that you're guilty of? A good idea would be to seek out a Personal Trainer London and other cities have plenty to choose from.

There are many others which are just as harmful, such as standing with all your weight on one hip and your feet pushed out. The short answer is to make sure you have the same awareness about your bodily position when you're not working out as when you are, and you'll be able to naturally correct any body-wrecking sins before any harm is caused.