A Guide To Quitting Smoking

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There are many methods to quit smoking tobacco, and they all have varying levels of success, and the reason for any difficulty in stopping the inhalation of tobacco smoke is the levels of the highly addictive substance called nicotine. Initially, a young cigarette smoker might feel nauseous the first few times they inhaled the smoke, yet after a while, there is feeling of euphoria, and if the process continues on a daily basis for a few months, the body will become accustomed to regular doses of nicotine.


The invention of the e cigarette announced an innovative new way to ingest nicotine, which on its own, is not harmful, without smoking tobacco products. The vaping process involves a small electrically powered vaping device, which heats up a special liquid, and this is turned into vapour, which is inhaled. There are many flavours to choose from, and you can have nicotine free e liquid, as many vapers have never inhaled tobacco smoke, yet love the taste of vaping.

Control your Intake

Once you know how many cigarettes you typically smoke in a day, you can then calculate how much nicotine to ingest, and source a reliable supplier. Online solutions offer convenience and variety, and if you are looking for e cigarettes in Brisbane, or any other city, a simple online search will put you in touch with the right supplier. If you decide you wish to gradually reduce your nicotine intake, this is easily achieved with vaping, and with so many new flavours coming out daily, you will never get tired of new tastes.

Zero Withdrawal

Typically, a tobacco smoker would be terrified of just quitting, as cold turkey can be traumatic at the best of times, but if you switch to vaping, you are still receiving your nicotine dose, therefore withdrawal does not occur. The vaping device is deliberately shaped to resemble a cigarette, and the only real difference between vaping and smoking is you are no longer inhaling harmful toxins when vaping.

Great Flavours

The development of e liquid is ongoing, and this means an endless list of unique flavours to sample. Most people finally settle on a few firm favourites, and it is good to try a new flavour once in a while. Vaping holds a high level of interest because there are always new tastes to explore, and with a range of accessories, the experienced vaper has plenty of new experiences awaiting.

Socially Acceptable

Vaping, unlike cigarette smoking, is generally accepted in many public areas, and the actual process of using makes it very easy to vape anywhere. There is no stigma attached to the inhalation of a vapour, as it does not harm people nearby, and with such great flavours, there are no bad smell issues.

Many people have managed to quit smoking tobacco thanks to vaping, and the obvious Health Minded Pal benefits, along with the savings, make vaping an excellent way to stop smoking, once and for all.