Get To Know More About Graphene

Get To Know More About Graphene – A Revolutionary Discovery That Can Actually Change Our Lives

Back in 2004, Andre Geim, a Dutch-British Physicist who basically discovered a material called as grapheme, which is a two dimensional structure that exists Uktown online guides in a 3D world. This discovery greatly baffled pros in the field of material science, even the most experienced ones.

Graphene is a material that is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms that are arranged in a hexagonal lattice. The material happens to be just a layer thick, which makes it the thinnest structure on earth. On the other hand, it has some amazing potential, and can really revolutionize the world. It has been more than a decade since this material was discovered, but it is already anticipated to hit the consumer markets very soon. Both the industrialists and scientists are very much interests in exploring its potential uses.

As the material happens to be the first of its kind, it has been still researched on so as to improvise its traits and explore more possible applications.

Graphene History

In year 1859, graphene’s theoretical existence was conceptualized. P.R. Wallace who first explored the electrical traits of graphite back in the year 1947 while exploring the theory. Single grapheme layers were initially seen under the electron microscope while studies and experiments were conducted by Gordon Walter Semenoff and Eugene J. David P. DeVincenzo. It is vital to note that graphite comes with more than 50 layers thick.

Several institutes have made big investments in research studies that are aimed at exploring the material more. It has been believed that Graphene perhaps comes with numerous opportunities once researchers are being able to fully understand it. Since year 2008, IBM has been experimenting with this material in designing integrated circuits. In year 2011, the company came up with a broadband radio mixer with the use of this material.

Numerous Investment Prospects Coming Up

Given the future prospect of this material, investors are already considering the different opportunities that could help them invest in the industry.

Samsung, IBM, Nokia, and Graphenano are some of the top companies that are known to be investing quite extensively in the material technologies and its potential applications.

New material applications and manufacturing leaps are being found just about every day; tomorrow’s world is not being constructed using the nano technology.

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