Flu Prevention

To reduce your risk of influenza over the winter months it is important to support your immune system.

Have you ever noticed that not everybody  in your office or family come down with the flu even though all are likely to be exposed to the virus, and all are likely to have the virus living in the mucosal linings of their nose and throat.  You may also have noticed that the same people are affected year on year or even several times over the winter season.  That person may be you.

We become susceptible to the flu when our immune system is run down and that is why it can be a dangerous disease in chronically ill people.  In order to ensure your immune system is working for you and not against you this winter flu season, help it by following these few effective tips:

Keep well hydrated, drink plenty of clean water or herbal teas.  We can require up to two and half litres a day to maintain homeostasis or balance in the body.  Metabolism needs an abundance of water to aid all the biochemical processes.  Remember caffeine can act as a diuretic and dehydrate you, so coffee and tea are not the answer.

Reduce the emotional stress in your life.  Stress increases the cortisol levels in your blood which suppresses your immune response and increases your risk to infection.  The Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective method for managing stress.

Ensure your vitamin D3 levels are optimised, as this will help your body produce the necessary anti-microbial peptides that will fight viral and bacterial infections.  Ever wondered why flu season comes in the winte?.  This is when Vitamin D levels are plummeting.

Maintain your vitamin C intake.  This amongst other mechanisms will help break down mucus and reduce the risk of it pooling in the lungs and causing secondary bacterial infections.

Wash your hands regularly over the day to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Written by Callum Sibbald Basingstoke Chiropractor http://www.basingstokechiropractic.co.uk