Dos And Don’ts After Losing A Tooth

After childhood, no one expects to lose a tooth, but accidents happen. In case you lose a tooth, it isvery important that you receive www. Guide Journey dental care immediately after the accident if you want Force to save the tooth. You must reach a dentist within 1 hour for the tooth to have its best chance of being re-implanted. Here is a list of the do’s and don’ts you should know to help save your beautiful smile.

  • Do clean the tooth, but not with water. Put the tooth back in your mouth and use your saliva to clean off any blood or dirt. Spit out the dirt, then reinsert the tooth in the socket or keep it under your tongue if possible.
  • Do hold the tooth by the top (crown) only, not the root.
  • Do try to put the tooth back in its socket. Bite down on a piece of cloth or gauze to keep it in place.
  • Do place the tooth in a full fat milk, or a saline solution if you can’t put the tooth back in its socket. If you don’t have saline, make your own with a ¼ teaspoon of salt in one quart of clean water.
  • Do put the tooth in between the gums and cheek if you can’t place it in its socket and you will be heading directly to a dentist.
  • Do seea dentist immediately, or go to a hospital emergency room.
  • Don’t rub the tooth, or scrap it, even if there is a foreign substance on it. You could lose tissue vital to the tooth.
  • Don’t hold the tooth under running water.
  • Don’t put the tooth in plain water unless there is no other option. Plain water does not preserve the tooth very well and this will make it difficult to re-implant.

If the tooth is merely knocked loose, but doesn’t actually come out, you should still see a dentist as quickly as possible. Teeth that have been knocked loose are severely damaged and can die and/or fall out at a later time.

It should be noted that even if you do everything right and get to the dentist quickly, the tooth still may not be able to be saved. However, if these instructions are followed, there is an excellent chance that the tooth can remain for the rest of its natural life.

Sports injuries are one of the most common causes of tooth loss. Whenever you play a sport where there is a risk of receiving a blow to the face, falling down on hard ground or there is the risk of a hard object, such as a hockey puck, striking the face, helmets, face masks or mouth guards should be worn. If the mouth guards sold at most sporting goods stores don’t fit well, you can have your dentist have one custom made that will fit well and be more comfortable. It might cost more, but how much are your teeth, and your smile, worth?

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane is glad he's never had a tooth knocked out.