Dentures – The Ultimate Solution For Missing Teeth

Very often, people experience a situation where they have to lose their teeth. This can be because of teeth extraction or accident or some other dental problems. Missing teeth not only affects the appearance of the person, but it also affects the eating habit and the power of proper speaking. Dentures for missing teeth are the best option.

Denture – Your best option

If you are eager to get a removable alternative for missing teeth, then denture is the best option for you. There are two types of denture; they can be either partial or complete. The complete dentures are opted when the person doesn’t have all the teeth, whereas partial option is used when the person to be treated has some of his or her natural teeth intact.

Things you should know

Partial dentures are used when the person has some of his or her teeth missing. The missing tooth is attached to the gum colored base with the help of the metal frame and this very arrangement is known as partial denture.

Complete dentures are of two types the first one is conventional and the second one is immediate type. In case of conventional complete dentures the replacement of missing teeth is placed after eight to twelve weeks of tooth extraction. This process is started after the healing process gets completed. In case of immediate complete dentures the replacement is provided right after the removal of teeth. The person going with this option does not have to face teeth missing problem as they are provided with their complete dentures immediately after their teeth extraction. However, in case of the immediate complete dentures the person has to visit the dental clinic for adjustment as the gums heal and shrinks with the passing time and this causes some adjustment problem with the teeth set.

It is true that dentures are not very comfortable and being teeth less is not less than torture. For newbie coping up with the dentures can be challenging. Fresher generally faces the similar problem and feel awkward while chewing food and even talking. During this initial period, even smiling might feel strange and different. But after some time the patient adjusts with it and after that dentures turns into a comfortable teeth alternative. The period for which one has to wear dentures is decided by the dentist. After getting a perfect fit, the person can remove and resume the use of dentures on their own wish.