Classy And Fit Are Not Mutually Exclusive

A gentleman’s taste for finer things may lead to a seemingly active yet quite sedentary way of life. After all, it is a matter of habit not being willing to step out of your comfort zone and over time this translates into lack of will power to enroll into fitness and working out, and by that starting to neglect your body.

It is notoriously hard to change mindset from wearing suit and tie and attending a cocktail party to, say, stepping into the gym and sweating buckets. And if left unattended, your body will get used to avoiding this scenario, hence the sudden change will be a huge sensory overload.

In this regard I’m addressing an elephant in the room. Namely, a gentleman’s way of conducting his life should at least be an expression of the many traits he possesses. And stepping in and out of hard work when it comes to staying fit reflects determination, as well as ambition and self-awareness. That, right there, is style within itself.

And the great thing about investing in your health and fitness is that you can do it by adding activities to your lifestyle that are both classy and reflect a certain sense of refinement.

Recreational mountain biking

Aesthetically appealing, modern, sophisticated… This sport screams class. You can hit the trails and really get in shape but mind the fact that adrenaline is addictive. Fast forward a year and you may find yourself touring weekend long trails and interesting destinations. From a somewhat different angle though, you can have great time with friends or maybe your significant other, by going for a ride and enjoying a great conversation; all in all, a sport that a modern gentleman should look to adopt.


Why just sitting at the bar at the tennis club? It is actually way more fun as well as appealing from the side to put your tennis shoes on and get down in the dust. Those places are made with the intent to link sport and leisure; anything else like going there for a drink only defeats the purpose, and in fact appears like just trying to fit in.


Don’t like the heat and sweat and all that noise? Don’t worry; there is something else for you. Namely, you can go swimming during night hours, avoiding the crowd, and enjoying the silence and solitude to a new level. It is refreshing, allows you to relax, while at the same time providing hell of a workout.

Home workout programs

I for one find gyms to be repelling. That entire crowd, it seems hard to focus upon myself and enjoy the workout. Besides, spending the time to drive there and then back is, at least for me, illogical at a number of levels.

And albeit the picture of fitness was rather unilateral years back, portraying only gyms and some running tracks, now things have changed. Namely, there are many home workout programs which provide for the same, and often times increased intensity, variety, results; programs which include balance, stretching, cardio, strength, resistance exercises and much more. One such program is presented in this 21 day fix review, developed by Beachbody, where you can work in the comfort of your own home and achieve results no gym and personal trainer could ever offer.

The idea is to get used to moving and staying in movement. Whatever you choose as an outlet for your energy, keep in mind that consistency is the number one ingredient for success and any benefits you might think of. Stay fit, stay classy. They are not mutually exclusive, but in fact complement one another.