Choosing The Best Pillows To Help With Neck Pain

Anybody who has had the misfortune of experiencing neck pain will know all too well the negative impact it can have upon sleeping and the difficulties it can create when trying to get a good night’s sleep. Fewer people though realise that sometimes neck pain does not just result in poor quality sleep, but can, in fact, be caused by the pillows upon which we rest our heads. Then, one inexpensive and proactive means of alleviating, reducing or even curing or avoid a literal pain in the neck when it comes to bedtime is to plump for the right pillow.

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Less is More

You might choose to cover the bed in scatter cushions during the day, but when it is time to sleep it is important to kick the cushions out. A single pillow is sufficient to guarantee comfort and a good night’s sleep. So, if you’re sleeping routine involves strategically arranging pillows or cushions to prop or position you, this is a sure sign that the pillow(s) you are using are not doing their job.

The only instance in which using multiple pillows is advised usually is to provide support for a person’s lower back. Then, if you have tried just about every pillow out there to no avail, instead of resorting to using numerous pillows or sneaky a cushion into bed with you, you might want to try place a pillow beneath your lower back where its natural curve is as this can help to correctly align the spine and so also alleviate neck ache and pain.

To learn more about how sleeping posture can impact upon both the quality of your sleep and your neck and back aches and pains, the University of Utah Healthcare website features the article ‘Good Sleeping Posture Helps Your Back’ which provides both information and further advice on how to practise good sleep posture.

Pillow Plumpness

When a person laments that a single pillow is not best for them, they are actually expressing that the single pillow they have been using is not best for them. Unfortunately, many of us fail to realise this simple fact and so replace pillows time and time again with ones that fail to offer us the support and comfort we need. Instead of falling into this bad bedtime habit, re-think the pillows you plump for, and never we simply buy a pack of two and double up. Doing this can double the trouble when it comes to neck aches and pains.

Addressing pillow plumpness and knowing what to plump for when it comes to pillow shopping is the surest way to avoid resorting to piling on the pillows. a

One Size Does Not Fit All

People do not come in one size, shape or caste and so neither should their pillows. Fortunately, sleep experts and pillows manufacturers these days recognise this. Thus, in 2016, and as already mentioned, there is a massive choice available meaning that whilst one size definitely does not fit all, there are a size, shape and kind to fit everyone.

Finding the best pillow, especially considering the myriad of pillows out there to choose from, can prove a bit of nightmare in itself, though. So, to avoid hitting the shops only to be hit by a wall of options and with no clue which to plumps for taking into consideration pillow width to avoid pillow shopping causing a literal pain in the neck, and always opt for a pillow that is wide enough to rest both your head and neck upon. Despite the fact that many only rest their head on their pillow, the best position (especially to alleviate or avoid neck pain) is to lay with your neck and head up on a pillow so that the pillow fills the gap between your head and shoulder and so supports your neck and spine.

For more information, advice and guidance as to how to get the best pillows to help with neck pain, you might want to give The Best Pillows for Neck Pain Guide published via the Sleepy People website some bed time reading.