Caviar: Exotic taste of Eurasia


One of the greatest symbols of haute cuisine, caviar is synonymous with sophistication. It could also: its removal requires precision and a lot of technique. There is no denying that there is a rare and sophisticated delicacy aura surrounding the caviar. Common sense is still right. After all, the legitimate one originates from the Caspian Sea, Russia and Iran, and is known to have been the food of tsars and emperors.

Also, to achieve this delight, a long process is needed that begins with catching the fish and only ends when serving it. Although the word caviar is currently being associated with the roe of a multitude of fish and seafood (such as salmon, cod and even sea urchin), the true one is formed only by sturgeon roe - a large, long-looking fish, which, depending on the species, can weigh up to 600 pounds.

To obtain this delicacy it is necessary that the professional who does this work has surgical precision. It is necessary to make an incision in the fish still alive and to remove the eggs, which will be immediately washed, salted and packed. And the last but not least, it’s necessary also to know the best way to eat caviar.

How to buy

The fresh caviar cans that are found for sale contain the product ready for consumption, it is not even necessary to season it. The only requirement is that the caviar be kept always cold (the best temperature is between -2 and 2 degrees C). It is also recommended not to serve using metal spoons, the most suitable are mother of pearl, which do not oxidize the product.

Today, many of the sturgeon species are raised on farms around the world. The rarest of them, however, called beluga, is hardly ever found, even banned in many countries because of the risk of extinction. Among those most commonly found for consumption are sevruga and ossetra. Sevruga is the most common and least expensive. It has small, dark gray eggs and has a stronger flavor. Ossetra is more interesting, with a greater variety of color and flavor - the eggs range from dark brown to golden.

How to consume

Because of the unique flavor, it is best to consume pure caviar or accompanied by neutral elements. It can, for example, be placed on blin, a kind of pancake made from flour, egg and yeast. Usually, a sour cream is added, which can be made with a reduction of sour cream or plain yogurt and lemon juice.

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It can also be served with salmon or egg tartare, which can be cooked in its own shell or in a water bath. In the case of the egg in the shell, it should be boiled for up to four minutes in boiling water, then the top of the shell is carefully removed and some sour cream and caviar added over. The egg can also be boiled with sour cream in a double boiler until creamy.