Best Rowing Machines – Choose The Best One For Yourself

The best rowing machines allow you to get a full-body workout as it provides low-impact workouts without damaging your vulnerable body joints. It gives you an amazing cardio workout too. While you are using a rower machine, the muscles of your shoulders also row the thighs, calves, abdomen, surplus, back and arms. The best rowing machines help streamline your body parts as a whole – a feature which is not offered by any other fitness equipment.

Depending on your budget and the features you are mainly looking for, you can decide on the best rowing machine. In general, the price of a rower machine is lower than, or at least comparable to an elliptical trainer itself. There are four different types of rowers available that can be used indoors according to the resistance which are the air resistance, magnetic resistance, piston resistance, and water resistance machines. Each of these types of rowers comes with its own pros and cons.

Air Resistance

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This type of rower machine comes with variable resistance which is determined by your own pace. It increases the resistance naturally as you get to row quicker so it offers you more challenges. On the other hand, as the machine drives a fan, it is quite noisy to operate which may get annoying. It is highly recommended for taller individuals because of its long rail, but also is difficult to keep one discreetly. This can be the best rowing machine to opt for if you are looking for something that gives you a rowing experience which is similar to rowing on the water.

Piston Resistance

This machine has arms that have been mounted with hydraulic cylinders. It has a very thin construction so it becomes quite easy to sort it under any furniture. It is also not very costly among the group of rowers. Piston resistance also offers a great workout even though it is not the most realistic option. If you prefer having the most affordable rower or if you are concerned about the space, this can be the best rowing machine for you to opt for.

Magnetic Resistance

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This machine is quite similar to the piston resistance machine except the fact that it is controlled via electromagnets. Due to the magnetic resistance, the machine operates silently. Although it’s quite impossible to change the resistance of most of the piston type rowing machines, the resistance of a magnetic rower can be quite easily changed.

Water Resistance

This machine increases the resistance as the pace increases just as it is with an air resistance machine. The resistance adjusts as you add or remove water in the resistance tank and give you more control over your workout session.