An Introduction To Psychodynamic Therapy


Psychodynamic therapy evolved as a process of interpreting the mental and emotional shifts of human mind from the traditional subject of psychoanalysis. Apart from the root subject, the therapy is also in line with the self psychology, object relations and ego psychology. It is a great alternative to psychoanalysis, according to Toronto therapists, as the process is much simplified and the results are quick. This would enhance the possibilities of bettering people’s lives in quick succession.

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The main aim of psychodynamic therapy is to help people to understand the fluctuations in their emotions & thoughts, affects of the past experiences & beliefs, which provides great insight about the present problems. By identifying such problems the therapists in Toronto effectively heal patients through a thorough evaluation of the issues. The identification of the problems is done

The patterns of fluctuations are clearly enumerated by the therapist so that the patient can come to senses about the wrongful patterns that he/she has been following over the years. The patterns of ebb and flow help to identify the things which make the patient live happily and by following such things, the patient can live without any worries.

Therapeutic relationship is given great emphasis in psychodynamic therapy as the transference of feelings would ensure faster results. For instance, if a therapist in Toronto is in a session with a patient who transfers the thoughts to the therapist as if (imagining) the therapist is his Father-  this would help the patient to spill out all the emotional aspects during his childhood.

The point of view of the therapist as a Father would change everything, as the therapist is experienced in dealing with such cases. This would result in providing excellent suggestions for the patient. The suggestions would develop the interpersonal skills of the patient, which makes sure that after the treatment there would be no problem in communicating with others or expressing the need without having any reluctance.

How the unconscious in accessed?

A human being feels a lot of emotions and feelings in his life time and some influences are suppressed in the unconscious coming out only in times of distress to suppress the individual more. The defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, rationalization, etc. would keep some of the most painful memories, experiences and feelings. Toronto therapists are professionals in making the patients to speak out such painful emotions freely and they use the mildest of dialogues to bring out the catharsis.

Consequently, the individual will talk about the inner desired, fears and emotions, which will lead to producing the most inner feelings. As the psychodynamic therapy believes that the behavior of an individual is based on the unconscious thoughts the output given by the patient becomes the basis for treatment. The therapist writes down or records the monologue and acts accordingly in the future sessions.


As psychodynamic therapy deals with the innermost demons of an individual, it is considered as one of the most effective ways to purge the mind from malicious or erroneous thoughts. Any professional therapist in Toronto is able to deal with the problems of the mind and help people to get out of their mental illnesses.