7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Daily

Hate it or love it, there’s no denying that tea is the undisputed champion of healthy drinks. Well, real tea, anyway. The type that grows from a plant known as Camellia sinensis. Not the one  TRIPLE International Conference that you find bottled at your local store, which is more sugar and additives than anything worth your money. There are only four variants of genuine tea: black, white, oolong, and the ever-popular green tea.

Other mass-marketed flavors are usually derived from other sources (they can be organic as well) and aren’t exactly real tea. This is worth noting as it's the real teas that provide the most health benefits. The best part about drinking tea is that all you need is a cup, some boiled water, and not much else.

Protection From UV Rays

It may sound like something out of a science fiction film, but studies have shown that green tea, in particular, does a pretty fair job at blocking harmful UV rays from damaging our skin. It is not a sunscreen substitute, but if you’re a regular green tea drinker, you won’t have to worry next time you’re sitting on the beach and realize the sunscreen is at home.

It Fights Free Radicals

Apart from sounding like a bad 80’s rock band, free radicals damage your cellular structure by gorging on your cell’s electrons. The damage this causes has been linked to neurological degeneration and cancer. The high levels of oxygen radical absorbance capacity found in tea help your body destroy these harmful molecules.

Endurance Booster

The antioxidants found in green tea are particularly effective at boosting your body’s ability to burn fat instead of sugar. This not only helps you lose weight but can also improve your muscle endurance.

Endless Recipes

While traditional tea is great on its own, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally spicing it up. The unique flavors found in tea make it a great starting point for a variety of mixes and recipes. Check out this guide on matcha tea to see just what’s possible with this healthy drink.

Recovery From Radiation

You may be thinking why this would matter to you, but radiation affects virtually everyone. Whether it be through cellular devices, radiotherapy, or sunlight, it's practically unavoidable. Luckily for avid tea drinkers, studies have proven that upon exposure to radiation, tea helps protect your body against cellular degeneration.

Stronger Bones

This is especially great for those who cannot consume dairy and are worried about not getting enough minerals for their bones. Tea improves bone strength and mineral density, enhancing your bone quality.

Helps Smokers Recover

While it’s no excuse for addicts to keep smoking, tea has been found to lower the risk of lung cancer, among other smoking-related diseases, by counteracting some of the negative effects of smoking. Knowing you can still lead a healthy life is all the more reason to quit.


Still not convinced? Pick up some green tea next time you head out. Its affordable enough to justify a test run. Rest assured, you’ll feel happier and stronger before your body begs you to buy another box.