5 Health And Wellness Inspiration Tips

It is no secret that health and wellness are the biggest wealth in life and should not just be given top priority but also be treasured with utmost care. Although we all want to live a fulfilling life and achieve the state of complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, still most of the times we get so trapped in overcoming the mental and emotional hurdles that it leads us off-track from our set goal. Many people who need a push to start with their health and wellness routine; and then there are others who tend to give up their efforts once their progress slows down. All of this can counteract and cause the health of a person to deteriorate.

One thing needs to be noted down here: no one can actually help you achieve your health and wellness goals until and unless you yourself are not up for it.

Making resolutions and promising yourself about staying fit and healthy wouldn’t suffice in this case; you need a stronger inspiration to stay motivated and achieve the health and wellness goals you’ve planned for yourselves. We’ve all read hundreds of tips to stay healthy and achieve total well-being but there is very less content that tells you how to stay inspired from within to achieve those goals. In this blog post, I have shared 5 tips that would inspire you and keep you motivated to getting healthy and achieving wellness. Read on to find your health and wellness muse.

Keep A Witness To Your Commitment

A promise made to oneself can be easily broken but once you’ve committed to a healthier lifestyle in front of someone, you tend to stay loyal to that commitment. Stating a commitment to exercising or eating healthy or just adopting a healthier lifestyle in front of a friend, family or colleague can have a strong impact as the embarrassment of not living up to your words would keep you motivated.

Quick Tip

You can sign contracts with your friends and pay a certain sum as penalty every time you skip the routine or break the commitment. You can up the game by signing commitment contracts that are available online now to make sure you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Have Friendly Competitions

This one requires a company (a friend, family member, gym partner etc.) with whom you can compete. Healthy competition has been proven to inspire many people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are working out, charting out a diet or simply pledging to avoid junk food, having a competition alongside would certainly make you perform better and for a longer duration. The desire to outrun your competitor every time would keep you motivated in the long run.

Quick Tip

The organic juice can or the jar of digestive biscuits should be placed on top of the center table at all times to remind you of your health and wellness goals. Stacking the fridge with organic fruits and veggies could also help in the same.

Use your Fitbit to stay updated about your competitor’s fitness streak and compete with their routine to stay ahead. Join fitness communities to meet people that share the same interest and chalk out a goal with them and see who achieves it first.

Keep Your Healthy Stuff In Sight

What we see is what we eat and what we eat has a huge effect on our health and wellness. In order to eat right, you need to keep the healthy stuff of your house within the range of your vision. When you have healthy eating options in sight, you would not just refrain from indulging in unhealthy eating but would be more drawn to adopting healthy eating habits. Moreover, these items also inspire us to stay healthy and avoid eating the unhealthy snacks. Keeping healthy stuff in sight can help us immeasurably in staying motivated and true to our health commitments.

Quick Tip

Invest Time In Reading Fitness Success Stories

Reading fitness success stories is another way to keep you motivated to achieve your health and wellness goals. These stories would not just inspire you to stay on track but also motivate you to work harder. There is nothing more inspirational than true stories of people who have achieved a complete state of well-being and are enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life with their efforts and dedication. You can even watch videos of people who are enjoying a healthier and better self.

Quick Tip

Make it a habit to read at least one fitness success story every week to stay motivated and inspired. You can subscribe to health and wellness magazines that publish such stories and read them every time you feel like needing a dose of inspiration.

Bring Technology To Your Rescue

Technology has made life easier and can be brought to the rescue whenever you feel low on inspiration. There are many applications for your mobile phone that will remind you to stay healthy all the time so that you do not go astray. Other than apps, you can also subscribe to newsletters from various online health and wellness websites. You can even participate in online forums and join health communities to share time and space with like-minded people. These apps, newsletters, and online discussions will inspire you to stay healthy.

Quick Tip

Apps like MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Fooducate, Lifesum etc., can be downloaded on your mobile phones to stay updated about your daily workout level as well as food intake.

I’m sure these health and wellness tips must have inculcated a healthy spirit within you and inspired you to get going. Remember, your body is a gift and by looking after your health and wellness, you are just cherishing this gift that God has given. Love your body, respect your body and take care of it by following the health and wellness tips that I have discussed above. Happy healthy living!

Author Bio:

Ankit Gupta heads the content marketing team at ExportersIndia.com. He believes in the saying “The greatest wealth is health” and brainstorms on ways to have a healthier lifestyle. He does a lot of research on health and wellness of being and jots down his findings in his blog posts. You can connect with Ankit on his Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter Handles and read his other inspirational posts.