5 Health Issues You Should Probably Be Regularly Tested For

The old adage, “Health is Wealth” may sound cliché but the grim truth is that, if you are not healthy, you might need more than the cash that you have saved for the darnedest rainy days to keep yourself at an optimum functioning level. Even if you have a lot of money, curing a diagnosis would still take a big chuck out of your bank account. With today’s soaring prices for health services, treatment is an expensive route towards getting yourself on track. Considering this point in mind, it would be good to have an annual medical check-up just so you could be sure that you are free of health-related concerns. Specifically, there are 5 health issues that you should probably get tested for in order to avoid more serious and costly (if I may emphasize this one more time) consequences. So what are these health issues? I have listed them all below for you to become more aware of their dark reality (and I am not even exaggerating about this).

                STD Testing is a Good Thing! If you have multiple sex partners, there is a possibility that you would develop a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Statistics has shown that the number of people who are diagnosed with STD increases every year. Worldwide, around 1 million people acquire any type of sexually transmitted infection on a daily basis. Just imagine this - a million people who may unfortunately also have a high turn-over sexual partner rate! Sadly, this fact also increases your chance of getting the infection from your partner so having yourself tested would be a very practical thing to do.

Get Cancer Check-up to Avoid a Health Drop! We all know that cancer can kill and can do so in such a short period of time. Some cancer cells are aggressive and others are not. But regardless of their nature, going to the doctor for check-up is a must for anyone who has had a family member die from cancer. If you start feeling cancer symptoms such as a change in bladder control, nagging and unceasing cough, vomiting, persistent headache, unusual bleeding or discharge, chronic body and bone pain and a host of other symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately for advice and schedule an appointment with him.

                Psychological Health Assessment is Truly Heaven Sent! Psychologists are gods’ gifts to mankind! We all need to maintain our mental health because healthy living should transcend our physical bodies. We also have to be psychologically healthy for us to be productive in all aspects of our lives always. And by “we”, I do not just mean me and other people, I also mean you. So you should get evaluated for your psychological health to learn more about your holistic well-being.

                 Always Go for Heart Conditioning to Keep Your Heart Beating!  There are so many heart conditions (e.g. hypertensive heart, atherosclerosis, angina, coronary heart disease) that one could choose from, if one were to pick a diagnosis.  But the only thing that the person must choose really is to have a healthy heart! Now there are signs that may indicate that you have a heart condition. These signs can include shortness of breath, high blood pressure, inability to maintain an exercise regimen due to a lack of energy, and blockage of a blood vessel which can result to stroke. To avoid any of the preceding possibilities (and several other heart conditions), it would certainly be a great idea if you were to have yourself regularly checked by your doctor.

Stop Waiting for Weight Issues to Become Overwhelming!  Exercise is essential to keep yourself from becoming morbidly obese couple with a fatal health condition. But aside from exercise, going to the doctors to see if you are regulating your weight well should be an annual event. Your doctor can help you keep additional weight off while maintaining a balanced diet. If you would also go to a nutritionist, the nutritionist could help you with your daily food consumption so that you could maintain your daily need for calories and nutrients without going over the maximum calorie count.

So there you have it – the top five health conditions that should be in your list when you go to the doctor next time. Remember, when you start feeling funny  - but not in an amusing way – visiting your doctor might be the solution!