Say Good Bye To Your Receding Hair Line

"5 Causes and 5 Treatments For That Receding Hairline"

Say good bye to your receding hair line

All over the world, there are innumerable people who are struggling with hair loss and when they start to notice their receding hairline, they start to panic. If your hair loss has only just started, chances are that there are some things that you are doing wrong and if you are able to successfully identify what you are doing wrong, you should be able to correct them.

When you start noticing the very first sign of hair loss, you need to look at what could be causing it, and here are the 5 most common causes that could be leading to your receding hairline:

  1. Genes – In most cases, the hair loss is caused because you are genetically predisposed to it. If members in your family have had hair loss, chances are that you might have it to. And in case you are losing hair because of your genes, there will be little that you will be able to do to stop it. However, if you have noticed a balding pattern in your family, what you could do is start taking steps to at least delay the hair loss. Eat right, adopt good hair habits and avoid smoking and alcohol as much as possible and you should be able to retain your hair for a little longer.
  2. Age – While no one can stop time, over this very time, hair loss does become a noticeable problem. When you start aging, your body is not able to create the necessary nutrition that your hair needs to remain healthy and strong. Eventually, you will start noticing hair loss, and while there is not much you can do about it, if you adopt good habits during your younger days, you could probably delay the first signs of hair loss.
  3. Hormones – It is common to hear from women that their mood swings and skin problems are because of hormonal changes and most men feel that these hormonal changes are only faced by women. The fact of the matter is that hormones are present in both men as well as women; when in men, there is an increase in testosterone levels, there is the start of hair loss. As a matter of fact, during preliminary investigations for male pattern baldness treatment, there will be a check for this too.
  4. Medication – There are certain medications which are known to increase the rate of hair fall, but in most cases, when the medication is stopped, the hair fall is also known to stop. In many cases, once the medication has been stopped, the hair also tends to regrow. Medication used for chemotherapy is known to cause massive hair loss, but once the medication is stopped, there have been several reported cases, where the hair has regrown over a period of time.
  5. Incorrect lifestyle related habits – If you are not eating healthy or have lifestyle habits that cannot be considered healthy, your hair is bound to suffer. You need to make sure that your diet has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Similarly, if you are not oiling your hair at least once a week, if you are using very hot water to wash your hair and if you are using hair products that are not suited for your hair, you can be assured that you will soon start noticing signs of hair loss.

Now that we have looked at what could be causing your hair loss, here are the things that you can do to stop the loss and perhaps even reverse it:

  1. What you put in your body matters – Your body needs nutrition to stay healthy and once you understand that, you will automatically try to eat healthier and once you start eating healthy, there is no reason why you will not see the results on your hair too. However, you do need to make sure that you eat things that are great for your hair. This would include carrots, green leafy vegetables, lean meats and lentils. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water, because hydration is necessary for hair to remain healthy and strong.
  2. What you put on your hair is also important – Are you someone who buys hair care products, simply because your favourite celebrity endorses them? If yes, then you need to stop doing that immediately – choose products based on their contents and whether they suit your hair or not. There are certain chemicals which are known to increase hair loss – spend some time reading up on such chemicals or talk to your hair specialist and avoid products which have the same.
  3. Pamper your hair – If you have a history of pattern baldness in your family, then the chances of you escaping might be on the lower side, but that does not mean that you cannot adopt habits that will heal your hair from within. Invest in a bottle of organic coconut or olive oil and use it to massage your scalp and hair at least once a week. Wash your hair with room temperature water and allow it to dry naturally. Use homemade hair masks to nourish and deep condition your hair a few times a month.
  4. Discard bad hair habits – There are hair habits that you probably have and you have never realised are doing harm to your hair. When you tie your hair up too tight, or when you are using your blow dryer too many times in a week, you are weakening your hair, leading to hair loss. Tight braids might look nice, but they are not great for your hair and remember never to tie up wet hair. Even seemingly simple hair styles, such as back combing can cause severe damage in the long run.
  5. Get the right advice – If you are noticing the first signs of hair fall, then it would be the best time to seek proper advice. Meet your hair specialist or even a hair doctor and find out the cause of your hair loss, which in turn will allow you to take the corrective measures required.