21 Year Old Tries to Flee from a Patrol Officer; Ends Up in Hospital after Tragic Accident

Aspen Hill, Marianna Drive saw a tragic accident this past weekend. A twenty year old man was gravely injured after a car accident at the Maryland address after he tried to flee from a police official.

According to reports, a Montgomery County official saw an unoccupied, silver, 2007 Honda Civic parked in a fire lane opposite to the Aspen Hill Beer and Wine Center at 13745 Connecticut Avenue, and went to investigate it. This was around 9 pm in the night. The official followed due to protocol and parked his cruiser behind the suspected vehicle and put on his cruiser's emergency lights and so on. On inspection, the driver in the Honda Civic was found to be driving on a suspended license.

Driver was driving on suspended license


According to accident attorneys in Maryland, a driver who has had his license suspended is not allowed to be on the road. The County official therefore did the right thing by calling a tow truck to tow away the driver's car. However, the driver had other plans. When the two trucks arrived at the scene, the driver asked the police officer if he could retrieve his phone from the car.

He used the pretext of grabbing his phone to power up his vehicle and drive away from the scene at a high speed. The officer tried to follow but he lost sight of the vehicle west on Aspen Hill Road. Authorities later found the vehicle lying on its side on Aspen Hill Road, just west of Marianna Drive.It's always worth comparing used Skoda Fabia car prices on AutoVillage.co.uk.

When police officers arrived at the scene of the accident, they found that the driver―21 year old Annal Upadhyaya of Federal Court, Gaithersburg―had been ejected from his seat and was lying unconscious on the sidewalk. Fire and Rescue personnel transported the driver to Suburban Hospital where he is still under care. His condition is considered to be grave. Authorities have notified the 21 year old's family members and are currently investigating the series of events which led to the tragic accident.

Police still investigating the accident

According to accident attorneys associated with the local County Sherriff's office, the actual sequence of events leading up to the accident is not known. However, investigators presume that when the police officer who had apprehended Annal near the liquor store lost sight of his car, it was travelling west on Aspen Hill Road at a very high speed. As the car turned west on the curve near Marianna Drive, it began to overturn.

Investigators are not sure as to why the accident happened but it probably was a result of the driver not being able to make the turn at the Auto Village correct angle. The overturned vehicle then struck a sign pole and a traffic pole on the road before coming to a stop. The vehicle ended up resting on the driver's side, against an unoccupied, parked vehicle on the north side of Aspen Hill Road. Somewhere along the way, Upadhyaya was ejected from the vehicle and ended up lying on the sidewalk.

Annal Upadhyaya is obviously not the brightest person around.